NSA Adds Value to Various Distribution Industry Businesses

We understand the distribution industry and have assisted various distribution companies with their technological needs. From the industrial sector to building materials and beyond, NSA has delivered scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to meet each company’s specific needs.

Before we go into the different sectors, let’s review what exactly is “ERP”? Our NSA Senior team describes ERP as “a cross-functional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of software modules that supports the basic internal business processes of a company.”

Here’s a list of the main distribution sectors we serve and how they utilize NSA’s ERP solutions:

  • Automotive Parts – ERP systems can be complex and expensive, but they offer a lot of features and benefits that automotive parts businesses need to be successful. One of the main benefits of an ERP system is that it can help businesses keep track of their inventory levels. This is important for automotive parts businesses because they often have a large number of SKUs and need to be able to know what is in stock at all times. Another benefit of an ERP system is that it can help businesses manage their customer relationships. This is important for automotive parts businesses because they need to be able to track customer orders and ensure that they are satisfied with the products they receive.
  • Building MaterialsThe building materials industry is constantly evolving. To stay competitive, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently. This is where ERP shines. Inventory management is the focus of most ERP systems within this sector, as it directly impacts overall costs. It should be quick, intuitive, and accurate for sales quoting and order entry. Additionally, it should support multiple outside processing operations and include shipping information to build, monitor, and maintain loads – it’s ideal to note customer specifications such as packing, loading, and tolerances that should be tracked with each order.
  • ElectricalAn established ERP system is essential for a successful electrical business. A few main ways it’s used include evaluating: Bill of Material (BOM) Management, sales after service estimates, cost control and management, material requirement planning and inventory control, and more. It can also contribute to managing your finances and reducing your costs.
  • IndustrialThere are a few things that make ERP for the industrial industry so important. First, is its ability to take large and small businesses and increase their efficiency by networking them all together. This increases communication and collaboration between departments, which can lead to better production processes overall. Second, ERP for the industrial industry can be used to monitor and optimize stock levels. This is vital for businesses that need to maintain high inventory levels, as it can help them avoid overstocks and Understocked items. Finally, ERP for the industrial industry can also help businesses track their shipments and deliveries. This information can be used to improve customer service and satisfaction levels. All of these things together make ERP for the industrial industry an essential tool for businesses in this sector.
  • Janitorial and Sanitation – Today, our ERP software is used by some of the largest janitorial and sanitation businesses in the world and is designed to help businesses manage all aspects of their operations, from sales and marketing to accounting and human resources. The janitorial and sanitation industry has unique requirements and regulations that businesses have to comply with, and a meaningful ERP software makes all the difference. Since chemicals and materials degrade over time, this sector MUST maintain meticulous records with detailed tracking. Our NSA software is constantly being updated with the latest industry innovations and is easy to use as well.
  • HVAC – PlumbingSince it’s continuously being challenged by complex logistics and distribution processes, ERP assists the HVAC and plumbing industry in a variety of ways. Surges in seasonal demands where businesses deal with increased labor schedules, additional customer orders, and more is one example. To address this challenge head on, all while managing inventory levels and maintaining an organized operation, businesses turn to ERP to streamline, integrate, and automate the overall business system processes. HVAC and plumbing businesses provide optimal customer service and achieve maximized profits with an effective ERP solution.

We hope that this blog article revealed the power of ERP across various distribution sectors, and how it can be uniquely tailored to fit each sector’s and the business’ specific demands.

In business for over 35 years, NSA has helped countless businesses within the distribution industry get the most out of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and has continually exceeded client expectations by providing the best service and support in the industry. We invite you to contact us directly at 516-240-6020 should you have any questions on the above content OR how we may be of service to YOUR distribution business.

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