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Tips for Success with Distributor Analytics: Make it Easy or No One Will Use it

This is a guest post by Annie Eissler from MITS. NSA has partnered with MITS to provide our customers with a business intelligence solution that offers distributor analytics.

It’s important to find the right tool set and use those tools to empower your team. Today we’ll talk about the importance of making the distributor business intelligence solution you roll out easy to use.

Although this tip may seem obvious, finding and implementing a distributor analytics solution that’s both powerful and easy to use is easier said than done for some wholesale distributors. Our customers often come to us after spending lots of time and money struggling with inadequate or antiquated reporting tools from their ERP vendor. Or worse yet having invested in a business intelligence solution that was just too complex for their team members to use—the vast majority of which are business people and not techies. Here’s how a sales exec at one of our customers put it:

“We effectively wanted something that we could intuitively manage our sales as salespeople. Most of us are sales-driven. I didn’t want to have a program where it took an IT geek to drive it.”

So what features should you look for in a distributor analytics solution to ensure that your team is not just willing and able, but excited to use it? Our customers tell us that the role-based dashboards, scorecards, and reports that we supply with MITS Distributor Analytics are key to driving adoption and ongoing usage.

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Make it easy for your team to see the big picture and drill down into the details behind it.

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