Welcome Back to the Office

Tips to Help Transition Your Staff Back to the Office

As vaccination rates rise and the effects of Covid-19 lesson, many businesses are preparing to bring their staff back into the office. After all we have experienced during the pandemic, it is important to consider your employees fears and concerns and approach the process with thoughtfulness.

Here we share our top 3 tips to help transition your staff back into the office:

  1. Have clear safety protocols: Whatever protocols you deem fit for your office; ensure they are shared clearly with the staff. Everyone should have a strong understanding of how management will be working to maintain that safety is a top priority. Be sure to share what is expected of the staff as well – social distancing, mask wearing, etc. Remind your teams of these protocols often so that they can continue to feel comfortable moving forward in the office environment.
  2. Have a flexible transition plan: For nearly 15 months, your staff has planned and worked hard to balance their “virtual” and home life. Be mindful that they will now need to adjust their schedules again, which may mean they need to arrive/leave at specific times to meet their family’s needs. Consider a hybrid model to adjust back into the office and be sure to provide ample time to transition so that they can properly prepare for the full switch back to the office.
  3. Listen to feedback: The transition back into the office may be overwhelming for some of your employees. Listen to their concerns and take everything into consideration. The pandemic has affected people in many ways, and you want your staff to feel heard and safe so they can do their job properly.

We hope you find these tips helpful! We have confidence that we can all soon return to a comfortable work environment as it once used to be. Please continue to be safe and we wish you a productive season ahead!

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