Infor CloudSuite Distribution (CSD) Accounts Receivable (AR) Essentials: 15 Critical Tools for Your Credit Team

This is an beginner-level session that covers how to do fifteen of the most essential functions of an Accounts Receivable (AR) operator within Infor CloudSuite Distribution (CSD). This will cover the most common tools in Cash Receipts and AR Transaction Entry as well as some lesser-known functions that might be useful. Additionally, we will talk about some reports that are available for you to help better manage customer credit and be able to be proactive with your credit decisions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to navigate Cash Receipts within Infor CloudSuite Distribution (CSD).
  • Understand when to use Cash Receipts, Transaction Entry, or Order Entry.
  • Adjusting due dates, discount dates, or scheduled payments for customers as needed.
  • Identifying key Credit Reports you should be using.
  • Learn how to reverse Cash Receipts transactions entered incorrectly.
  • Discuss the advantages of upgrading to Infor CloudSuite Distribution (CSD).

Special Offer:

Attendees may reach out to Brian Weaver to schedule a one-hour session with Brandy to talk about the process of upgrading to Infor CloudSuite Distribution (CSD) and some considerations for their particular environment – including modules used and modifications used.

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