UniLink/NSA EDI Webinar

We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with
to offer a can’t-miss webinar

September 26th at 2pm EST.

NSA’s VP of Sales, Brian P. Weaver, will be joining team members from UniLink for an informative webinar focusing on exploring and developing your EDI program.
As our economy and manufacturing accelerate, we will see demands for topline growth (with possibly lower margins) while at the same time requiring expense reduction to protect and improve the bottom line. It’s definitely time to start and/or expand your EDI program to participate in the trends of the next several years, and this webinar will guide you through the process.
During the webinar
We will explore the variables to evaluate your current EDI program. We will look at alternatives, Total Cost of Ownership and expectations as well as common barriers to get your program into a future state that will improve your bottom line, competitiveness, and overall performance. Together with UniLink, we’ll discuss how adopting a UniLink EDI program can:
  • improve your customer and vendor experience
  • increase order efficiency
  • eliminate manual order errors
  • decrease cost of customer and vendor order transactions
  • reduce order fulfillment time
David Humer, CTO of Unilink Group said the following,
“UniLink has provided a Cloud solution for over 20 years. It is time tested, proven, works seamlessly with your ERP system and is READY NOW, whether you migrate to the ERP Cloud, or stay on premise. Either way, the UniLink solution will provide you with the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership).”
If your business could benefit from a new or improved EDI program, or if you’re unsure how well your current EDI program is performing, don’t miss this upcoming webinar!

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December 31,2017

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