How to Prepare for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Technology is ever-evolving. It can help businesses become more efficient, more productive and when used properly, more profitable. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a major technological advancement that has the potential to make a great impact on a business’s operations. AI uses analytics and insights to help recognize patterns and make predictions so that a business […]

What’s on the Technology Horizon for 2021?

Brian Jones

As we draw to the end of 2020 and reflect, nobody could have predicted what a year we’d have. COVID turned the world upside down. Things will never be the same as they were – certain businesses and industries were destroyed while others had a stellar year. People are working remotely and relying on technology […]

Introducing Infor’s “Coleman”

Infor is leading the way in Distribution ERP for artificial intelligence (AI). Known as “Coleman,” Infor’s AI can interact either via chat or voice commands (via Alexa for Business). This capability can greatly improve efficiency and ease of execution on a number of mundane daily tasks while ensuring proper security level clearances on requested functions. […]

Meet Infor’s New Digital Assistant

This year at Infor’s annual user conference, Inforum, Infor officially released the Infor Coleman Digital Assistant. After undergoing in-depth beta testing, this product is now available to all Infor customers. What Is It? The Coleman Digital Assistant is a task automation product that helps users automate mundane and complex tasks. From creating a purchase order […]

Looking to the Future: Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

For the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has had the tech world buzzing. AI is a complex technology with endless potential. Rather than wonder about the possibilities, the questions are more focused on “when can we make it happen.” Most AI technologies we’re using today are fairly limited. AI systems can generally only respond […]