Webinar Series #29: Practical Tips to Prepare for your CSD Migration

You’ve finally made the decision to go to CloudSuite Distribution? GREAT! Since there is a bit of work ahead, attend this session to see what tasks you can start on now to get a jumpstart on your migration project. Key Takeaways List of tasks you can get started on now Some tasks you may be […]

Cloud vs. Legacy – What’s Serves Your Business Better?

When debating if you’re business should transition from on-premise architecture to a cloud solution, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. As an Infor partner, specializing in Infor CloudSuite, we are highlighting the benefits of cloud-based solutions and how they can better serve your business: Scalability and Resiliency Auto-scaling functionality within applications […]

Data Conversion Programs – Post Implementation

Most SX.e/CSD users will utilize the standard data conversion toolkit for initially loading data into the SX.e database in preparation for going live with the software. What many fail to recognize is that there are conversion programs which can be used on an ongoing basis to add and maintain data. The programs allow you to […]

Pathway to Success Professional Services Series #5 with Green Cloud

Don’t miss our Pathway to Success Professional Services Series #5 with Green Cloud – Is the cloud right for my business? Wednesday December 5th 11:00 – 11:45 AM PST | 2:00 – 2:45 PM EST REGISTER HERE Join Green Cloud and NSA for this 45-minute webinar and learn how the cloud can improve ROI resource […]

Looking to the Future: Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

For the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has had the tech world buzzing. AI is a complex technology with endless potential. Rather than wonder about the possibilities, the questions are more focused on “when can we make it happen.” Most AI technologies we’re using today are fairly limited. AI systems can generally only respond […]

NSA Knows CloudSuite Distribution Inside and Out!

Recently a client asked if NSA was involved with CloudSuite Distribution implementations and we thought it’d be appropriate to address for clients and followers. The answer is YES! We’ve done many CSD implementations over the years and consider ourselves to be experts in the field. Infor CloudSuite Distribution is a revolutionary solution that provides comprehensive, […]

Get Ahead in 2018 with NSA’s Consulting Services

Get Ahead in 2018

If you have a big project planned for 2018 or are looking to take your company to the next level, NSA is here to help with our expert consulting. With the new year just a month away, now is the time to start planning out goals and initiatives for success in the coming year. NSA […]

Doing MORE with LESS

Who doesn’t want to cut costs and increase growth? Of course, we all do! Every single company! Now, what if you could do that while redirecting personnel assets to other strategic or revenue generating projects? YES! This can absolutely be done! This is one of an overwhelming number of advantages that we’ll be exploring in […]

Avoiding 5 Cloud ERP Blunders When Switching

Avoiding 5 Cloud ERP Blunders When Switching

There is no shortage on companies that want to help you switch to a new or upgraded cloud ERP software solution. The internet pulls up thousands of hits, but accompanying the pros is a list of cons. How are you supposed to decipher through the search engine mud and make a switch that is right […]