Elements of A Successful Project

1. DEFINITION OF THE PROJECT Be clear about the objectives of the project. Be detailed in describing your business processes, desired future state, and how these will be implemented. 2. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Leverage and communicate with your Project Managers on all sides of the project: the overall PM, the Vendor PM and your internal PM. […]

What Does Your Forecast Look Like?

When you want to start up a conversation with someone new, there are several commonly used topics. Given the polarization today, the topic of politics may produce far too many “F” sharps than most of us are comfortable with in polite conversation. So “How ’s the weather?” works. Typical responses you get the basic, “nice”, […]

Tips on Working from Home

These are certainly interesting times and for many of us working from home is new and for some, perhaps challenging so here are some tips to help ease the transition and help you focus in your new working environment. If you can, stake out a space away from the rest of the household, ideally a […]

NSA is Here to Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to rise, our intent is to inform and not alarm. As such, we wanted to share information about how we’re handling this situation and its influence on life and business operations at NSA. Like you, we are continuously following the CDC’s developments regarding the spread and impact of the virus. […]

System Health Check

It’s that time again. Yes, you know… It’s time a for a checkup. You’ve been avoiding it like the plague because you’re afraid you might find something that you don’t want to find. You’re so busy you don’t have time to think about it. You tell yourself you’ll get to it but… you never do! […]

Rebates: How to Manage Strategic Purchasing Decisions

There are two sides to every purchasing decision. One side hoping to build a loyal, repeat customer while maximizing margins; the other hoping to negotiate pricing terms that deliver the best pricing possible for quicker, more profitable purchasing decisions. Managing this balance is really the art and science behind a rebates program. Today’s companies face […]

How to Ensure a More Efficient and Profitable 2020

The new decade is already underway, have you strategized and planned how to make your distribution business successful this year? Our favorite event of the year, TUG CONNECTS, is coming up in March and is the perfect way to get your distribution business on the path to efficiency and profitability. The event features informative presentations, […]

Considering Implementing F9 for your financial reporting? NSA can help!

If you are an SX.e or CSD user, you have likely experienced frustration with the limitations of the financial statement writer standard to the system. Columns and fields are limited, changes are time consuming and the end result– well let’s just say they’re not cosmetically ready for management.I If you know Excel, you’ll love F9. […]

How to Win Big at TUG Connects

Without a doubt, TUG Connects is one of our biggest events of the year! Not only does our team present throughout the duration of the event, this event a great way to network and meet with clients and partners. In your TUG Welcome Bag look for the NSA Gold Envelope to discover your NSA Passport. […]

Three Types of Software for Your Wholesale Distribution Business

Managing your wholesale distribution takes a lot of work; there are many moving pieces and a lot to keep track of now. The distribution industry has become more sophisticated and more competitive than ever;now is the perfect time to implement a solution that will help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively throughout this […]