Webinar Series #37: A Typical Project Plan for SX.e GUI to CSD Migration

In this session, we will walk through a typical project plan to successfully migrate from SX.e GUI to CSD.

Join us for an informative session on the major elements of migration including:

Building the team
Defining your project milestones
Project governance
Data migration
Risk assessments
The final launch

Webinar Series #33: Hello Trust, Goodbye Passwords

AR CSD Image

Another day, another breach. It doesn’t just feel like ransomware attacks and other hacks crowd our headlines…they actually do. Cybersecurity has never been more critical. There is an ever-growing focus on implementing a Zero-Trust (ZT) framework based on a simple concept — DON’T TRUST ANYONE. But the #1 reason for lack of trust? Passwords. In […]

Webinar Series #32: Managing E-mail Threats with Barracuda

It’s not just spam anymore. Email attacks have evolved to bypass traditional defenses and lead to significant financial risk. Let’s block Phishing, Spoofing, Malware, Ransomware, and Zero-Day Threats before they arrive at your mail system. Key Takeaways: Best in Class Hosted E-mail Threat Protection E-mail Failover Protection Backup of Mailbox Contents, SharePoint, One Drive, and Teams […]

Webinar Series #31: 2021 Sales Tax Changes: What Distributors Need to Know

The business world encountered a myriad of sales and use tax changes throughout 2020, both in response to and on top of COVID-19. Despite these changes, one thing remains the same: the expectation, on the part of state and local jurisdictions, that businesses will stay on top of – and compliant with – relevant changes […]