NSA gains “Momentum” at this years TUG Connects Conference

We’re honored to again be named the TUG CONNECTS 2022 Channel Partner of The Year, for the third year in a row! Thank you to TUG CONNECTS, Infor, our wonderful clients, and our stellar team who have made this three-peat recognition possible.

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    Speaker Bio’s, Session Details & More

    NSA Speaker Bios and Session Details

    Barry Cooper | Senior Business Consultant: Barry.Cooper@nsacom.com
    Barry joined the NSA team in 2021. Prior to NSA, he was an ERP Manager for a US wholesale distributor and manufacturer. Barry has been working with SX.e and TWL for over 20 years. He focused on business process improvement, support and implementations of SX.e, TWL and supporting 3rd. applications, LBM Axiar, Seagull Bartender and Ivanti Velocity. Barry has worked with Infor’s SX.enterprise Distribution in both CHUI and Graphical on multiple versions. Key areas of Barry’s job role include: Implementing and supporting TWL, training customers on Infor TWL and Infor SX.e, business analysis and re-engineering, and documenting business processes and workflows.

    4/21 – 8am | How to Use CSD Cartonization (CSD)
    | CSD/SX.e, Purchasing/Inventory

    4/21 – 3pm | TWL RF HTML5 – A Walk Through on a RF Device (CSD)
    | CSD/SX.e, Warehouse/Operations | SX.e On-Prem, Warehouse/Operations

    Bill Socie | Senior Business Consultant: Bill.Socie@nsacom.com
    Bill joined NSA in 2015, and prior to that worked for 20 years for an international parts distributor who was implementing legacy Infor Distribution in 1995 when he started. If a client has a problem, we use our collective expertise to solve it. There has been an increase in activity related to taking a fresh look at what companies are doing and how to do it better, as well as what they must do differently to survive.

    4/19 – 8am | Buyers Demand Center (CSD) with Mark Patterson
    | CSD/SX.e, Purchasing/Inventory

    4/21 – 3pm | Customer Reservation/Forecast (CSD) with Mark Patterson
    | CSD/SX.e, Purchasing/Inventory, Sales/Order Mgmt

    Dave Rumsch | Senior Business Consultant: David.Rumsch@nsacom.com
    Dave has 30 years’ experience doing implementations, business consulting, and special projects with the Trend/SX.e/CSD software product. His accounting and business management experience brings a wealth of knowledge to the NSA Team and its customers. Current specialties include EDI, Accounts Receivable Lockbox Imports, Credit Card Processing, and Report Scheduler Migrations. “I help people for a living, and I can’t ask for more than that!”

    4/20 – 1:30pm | Report Scheduler Migration from SX.e to CSD with Jon Yourman
    | CSD/SX.e, Upgrading, Reporting/Analytics | SX.e On-Prem, Upgrading, Reporting/Analytics

    Kathy Lundquist | VP of Professional Services: Kathy.Lundquist@nsacom.com
    Kathy has been with NSA for over 20 years. Prior to joining NSA, she was an adjunct professor for Cornell University ILR. She has an extensive background in accounting and general business management. Her primary focus is assisting clients through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), separation of duties projects (SOD), and financial restructuring.

    4/20 – 4pm | Operator Setup and Security – SASO (CSD)
    | CSD/SX.e, Technical

    4/21 – 3pm | Working with System Tables – SASTT Review (SX.e all versions)
    | CSD/SX.e, Technical | SX.e On-Prem, Technical

    Brian Jones | VP of Technology: Brian.Jones@nsacom.com
    Brian has worked in the computer industry since 1993 and has been involved with Infor products – first WDSII then Trend/SXE since the late 90’s. Brian has various experience in Infrastructure from operating systems to networking and Internet, to databases, and hardware and equipment. Brian’s a problem solver and his goal is to help customers get the most out of their investment in technology. With NSA, Brian works on integrations and many of the products that compliment Infor CloudSuite.

    4/19 – 4pm | Label Printing out of CSD
    | CSD/SX.e, Technical

    4/20 – 8am | Signature Capture /Infor POD w/ CSD
    | CSD/SX.e, Technical, Sales/Order Mgmt

    4/21 – 1:30pm | Synchronizing DataLake to SQL using ETL
    | CSD/SX.e, Technical, Reporting/Analytics

    Carol Shinya | Director, Global Accounts: Carol.Shinya@nsacom.com
    Carol has been supporting Infor products since the 1990’s, starting out as a customer on SHIMS. She made the transition to TREND in 1995 by joining an Infor Channel Partner and hasn’t looked back. She’s been through the migration from CHUI to GUI, GUI to WebUI and now of course CSD. A big fan and supporter of TUG and enjoys the great collaboration amongst the users and partner community.

    4/19 – 1:30pm | Live on CSD, Now What: Next Steps to Optimizing
    your CSD Experience (1st of 2 times)
    | CSD/SX.e, Upgrading

    4/20 – 4pm | Practical Tips you can Do Now to Prepare for your CSD Migration
    | CSD/SX.e, Upgrading

    4/21 – 8am | Live on CSD, Now What: Next Steps to Optimizing
    your CSD Experience (2nd of 2 times)
    | CSD/SX.e, Upgrading

    Brandy Alderman | Senior Business Consultant: Brandy.Alderman@nsacom.com
    Brandy has been with NSA for two years and in that time has worked with customers upgrading to or implementing CSD, with a focus on helping them to eliminate modifications and get the most out of the standard functionality available to them. Brandy has 29 years of experience in Software Applications. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a Computer Science/Engineering degree. From there, she spent many years within applications development – as a developer, designer, and consultant. Prior to coming to NSA, Brandy focused exclusively on SX.e for 20 years, including leading software development teams, spearheading several upgrades (ChUI, GUI, and WebUI/CSD), and working as an IT Director at both small and large distributors.

    4/19 – 1:30pm | How to Get the Most Out of CSD Analytics (CSD)
    | CSD/SX.e, Reporting/Analytics

    4/20 – 4pm | 15 Essential CSD Functions for the AR Professional (CSD)
    | CSD/SX.e, Finance

    4/21 – 1:30pm | Setting Up and Using Product Restrictions in CSD (CSD)
    | CSD/SX.e, Purchasing/Inventory

    Deanne Zwart | Senior Business Consultant: Deanne.Zwart@nsacom.com
    Deanne joined NSA in 2020 as a Senior Business Consultant. Prior to joining NSA, Deanne was a Senior Business Consultant for 20 years with Management Concepts Inc. Deanne has an accounting background and helped to implement new computer systems in her prior positions. Deanne has worked with Infor’s SX.enterprise Distribution in all versions and modules. As well as all aspects of the implementation cycle, from pre-sales to support.

    4/19 – 8am | Understanding AP Balancing Reports (SX.e all versions)
    | CSD/SX.e, Finance | SX.e On-Prem, Finance

    4/19 – 4pm | APECE – Vendor Invoice Center Entry (CSD)
    | CSD/SX.e, Finance

    glenn bell

    Glenn Bell | Senior Technical Consultant: Glenn.Bell@nsacom.com
    Is a Senior Technical Consultant, with 25 years of Microsoft, VMware and Internet technology experience. He has led many cloud-related migrations and has a high degree of knowledge related to Office 365 and email message flow. Glenn looks forward to seeing your business thrive with a wide range of collaborative, security-based solutions.

    4/19 – 8am | Protecting Your Personal and Professional Online Services
    | General, All Attendees, Security

    4/20 – 8am | The Importance of an Annual Network System Review
    | General, Executive, Technical, Security, Finance

    Chris Roberts | Systems Engineer: Chris.Roberts@nsacom.com
    Joined NSA in 2020 with 15 years of experience in IT Troubleshooting and Support. His Primary Focus is the technical side, Managing Backups, Firewalls, Networking, and hardware support. Chris has knowledge of Unform’s Image manager, Infor OS, Soti MDM, Windows OS, and Redhat.

    4/21 – 9:15am | UnForm Data Entry Automation for Accounts Payable & Order Entry with Chris Roberts & Paul Boushell
    | Unform

    Brian Weaver | VP of Sales: Brian.Weaver@nsacom.com
    Brian has been with NSA for over 6 years, with 12 years in the distribution business and 30 years with ERP systems. Brian has extensive experience in cloud & managed services, especially in security, hosting, and e-Commerce areas. Brian has presented at many conferences, including the past 5 years at TUG. He resides in Buffalo NY with his wife of nearly 30 years and has four grown daughters. Always looking for triathlon, road bike and running events for charity to participate.

    4/19 – 9:15am | 4/20 – 9:15am | NSA’s Cloudsuite/Bill Trust Connector with Brian Jones
    | CSD/SX.e, Technical

    4/20 – 2:45pm | Biometric Password Replacement – More Secure, Less Effort
    |General, All Attendees, Security

    4/21 – 1:30pm | Best Practices for Business Security Protection Elements
    |General, Executive, Technical, Security

    Mark Paterson | Senior Business Consultant: Mark.Paterson@nsacom.com
    Mark Paterson is a Senior Business Consultant for NSA with over 20 years of experience leading ERP initiatives in the distribution industry. He’s worked extensively with SX.e, TWL, F9, Storefront as well as Business Intelligence (BI) and Transport Management Systems (TMS). With a focus on SX.e over the last 10 years, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to migrating to Infor CloudSuite Distribution (CSD) technology from SX.e GUI. He’s helped countless clients complete the migration process from initial conversations to defining milestones to the final launch.

    4/20 – 1:30pm | CSD Vendor Pricing and Rebates (CSD)
    | CSD/SX.e, Finance, Pricing

    4/20 – 4pm | CSD Mass Maintenance (CSD) with Steve Bloesing from GMS
    | CSD/SX.e, Technical

    4/21 – 8am | CSD Inventory Management – What’s New/Transition Training
    (SX.e upgrade to CSD)
    | CSD/SX.e, Upgrading, Purchasing/Inventory | SX.e On-Prem, Upgrading, Purchasing/Inventory

    Kira England | Business Consultant: Kira.England@nsacom.com
    Kira has 18 years of experience in various aspects of wholesale distribution including Sales, Customer Service, Inventory Control, Warehouse Operations, Logistics, and IT Support. In her 18 years, she has worked with Infor’s SX.enterprise Distribution is all versions: Character (Trend), Graphical (SX.e GUI), WebUI On Premise, and CloudSuite Distribution (CSD). She is committed to what matters most to NSA’s clients: budget, schedule, process review, resources, and problem solving. NSA recently became a Certified Implementation Partner with Avalara and Kira is the lead consultant for assisting clients through their SX.e GUI or Cloudsuite Distribution (CSD) implementations of the AvaTax and Returns.

    4/20 – 1:30pm | Value Add (VA) vs Kit Production (KP),
    What are the Differences? (CSD)
    | CSD/SX.e, Warehouse/Operations

    4/20 – 4pm | Understanding the Look and Feel Navigation WebUI vs GUI/CHUI
    | CSD/SX.e, All Attendees | SX.e On-Prem, All Attendees

    4/21 – 1:30pm | Forms Design on IDM | CSD/SX.e, Document Management | SX.e On-Prem, Document Management

    Rob Thayer | Senior Technical Consultant: Rob.Thayer@nsacom.com
    Rob has been working in technology for over 20 years and joined NSA in 2019. His experience with Infor Distribution dates back to 2006, supporting customers across the US and Canada. He enjoys building relationships with NSA clients in order to help them achieve their business goals. With so many changes, new features and cutting-edge technologies that drive Infor Distribution, it’s important to work closely with our customers to learn, understand and become an extension of their day to day business. Rob strives to do just that!

    4/20 – 8am | What you Need to Make an API Request and How to do it Using a Script (Infor OS)
    | CSD/SX.e, Technical | SX.e On-Prem, Technical

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