TheUserGroup.org’s annual TUG CONNECTS in-person conference brings together hundreds of distribution professionals for a week of interactive networking and education. At this year’s event, Synergy, you’ll dive into emerging issues, disrupters, and best practices at the forefront of the distribution industry today. Network with your peers and be educated on how to get the most out of your existing solutions — plus, be among the first to find out what’s coming next from Infor.

In 2023, TUG moves from the momentum of 2022 into the Synergy that defines the group. With our combined resources, TUG allows every member to work smarter and more efficiently and have a more significant presence in Infor’s decision-making processes.

In short – we are better together!

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[sĭn′ər-jē] noun

  1. The interaction of two or more so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual results.
  2. Cooperative interaction among networks that creates an enhanced combined effect.
  3. An instance of either such interaction.

Networking Meetings



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SIG / Network Meeting



Barry Cooper

Warehouse Management Network



Brian Weaver

eCommerce Network



Carol Shinya

CSD Network (4 hour meeting)




Session Title




Ann Luciani, Wendy Jindra (Glantz)

Successful SXe to CSD Migration from Start to Finish: User-led Case Study

This presentation is a case study on the steps taken between a Customer Project Manager and Partner Project Manager to achieve a successful SXe to CSD Migration from start to finish. We’ll discuss checklists throughout the project as well as go-live, timelines, data cleanup, communication, team building and involvement, training, accountability, testing and much more over an 18 month period.


Brandy Alderman

How to Make CSD Analytics Your Own

This session is for beginner or intermediate users of CSD Analytics with the core audience being those that use the basic CSD Analytics/Birst provided as part of their CSD subscription.

Infor has done a lot to expand the dashboards that are available with CSD Analytics and the number continues to grow. But everyone has their own way of looking at the data. In this session we will talk about the methods that can be used to customize visualizations and dashboards in the standard version of CSD Analytics to fit the way your business wants to view them. We will discuss best practices for creating custom reports and adding them to the standard CSD dashboards, and how you can manage regular updates to the standard CSD Analytics reports to leverage both new Infor features and your customizations.



Brandy Alderman

15 Essential CSD Functions for the AR Professional

This is a beginner-level session. We will review 15, or more, of the most essential functions that an AR clerk or credit manager might need. This will include transaction entries, changing scheduled payments, and various reports that might be useful. Even for seasoned professionals, if you haven’t made the move to CSD yet, you may still come away with a tip or two.



Brandy Alderman

ARECE CSD – Tips & Tricks You Don’t Use All the Time

You use Cash Receipts (ARECE) daily, but usually you are doing the same set of two or three transactions that you do all the time. In this session, we will dive deep into Cash Receipts to talk about a few of the lesser-known functions. You might just find one that will save you time or solve a problem you didn’t even know you had!


Brian Jones, Jon Yourman

Datalake – How to access and use your data from the lake

It’s your data, but how can you access it? Working with tools like DBeaver and DbVisualizer we will show you how you can take control of your data and use it the way that you want.



Brian Jones, Brad Jackson

CSD / SX.e – Cyberquery Ad Hoc Reporting / Data Discovery – Take control of your data

Please join us for a demonstration on flexible data discovery into the Infor CSD Data Lake. In this 30-minute session, you will learn how non-technical and technical people can quickly and securely dive into CloudSuite Distribution data, create reports, spreadsheets in a safe, fast and graphical environment.

During this webinar, we will demonstrate how 100’s of Infor customers have leveraged Cyberquery (CQ), empowering their end-users and executives with insightful information coming from CSD, SX.e, SyteLine, Excel, Salesforce, LN, Baan, M3, SAP, Epicor, Oracle EBS, JDE, QAD, Lawson, BPCS, and many more systems.


Brian Jones, Ralph Swackhammer

The Case for Automating Order-to-Cash for Infor Users



Brian Weaver

Best practices in protecting your business from the latest cyber attacks

As cyber attacks continue to evolve & become more severe, how can your company best adapt to protect and defend itself in today’s environment.



Brian Weaver

NSA+ Services Portfolio to Enhance your ERP Solution

NSA+ services portfolio to enhance your ERP Solution NSA has a robust suite of add-on solutions designed to significantly enhance Distribution client systems, these include a hierarchy of security applications, Business Intelligence, e-Commerce, A/R, Tax, NSA-designed “Connectors” to ease time and cost integrating some applications, as well as others. Attend this session to find ways to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and gain further competitive advantages.



Carol Shinya

Data Governance, Preparing to migrate to CSD

Are you moving to CSD? Have you thought about the quality of your data? Now is the time to do the data cleanup you probably need. This is also the time to implement a data governance plan. Join me in covering the 5-W’s: What the heck is it? Who owns it? Why and Where do we need it? When should we do it?



Carol Shinya

Live on CSD, Now What: Next Steps to Optimizing your CSD Experience

Are you leveraging all the great features in CSD? How are you managing the new monthly patches? Join this session where we’ll take a look at whether you’re taking advantage of the features and ensuring you’re keeping up to date on the monthly enhancements.



Deanne Zwart

APECE – CSD Vendor Invoice Center Entry

This session will be a basic overview of the Vendor Invoice Center. It will include basic work flows, processing options, and some ideas to help with AP Processing.



Kathy Lundquist

Company Setup – Overview of Divisionalization in CSD/SX.enterprise

This session is primarily for accountants and system administrators. If you are considering how to setup your company(s) and chart of accounts, whether as a new implementation or from structural changes (acquisitions, new line of business, etc.), this session is for you.

We will review:

  • Partial versus full divisionalization
  • Division versus Company
  • Enhancements to division security
  • White paper handout



Kathy Lundquist

CSD Operator Security & Role Based Security


This session will cover Operator Security fields, menu items and authorization points. We will also dive into the new ROLE Based Security functionality added March 2023. If you are a system administrator, this session is essential. If you are not in IT, this is your opportunity to understand how operator security setups impact the user experience.
We will review:
– Differences between Operator security in SASO and Role Based Security (RBS)
– Menu security, Field settings, Authorization points
– Roles vs Profiles
– SASO fields and auth points added since TUG Connects 2022



Mark Paterson

Mass Maintenance in CSD

Mass Maintenance was added to CSD since the ability to do QD’s in the cloud are very much limited. In this session, we will review the CSD Mass Maintenance solution which allows you to extract copies of records from a database table into a set. You can change, add or delete records within the set and then reimport to update the records in the table. Standard rules and validations apply, based on the table.



Mark Paterson

Vendor Pricing

We will review the various CSD functions that update or import product costs (standard, replacement), vendor quantity break pricing /discounting, vendor price contracts and future PO price changes. Note, that some of the tools also permit updating product prices (product list, base).



Rob Thayer

Hey Siri!? Is there a way to get the information from my ERP even faster and easier?

Learn how you can use Apple’s Siri Shortcuts to make many everyday tasks in CSD even faster and easier.
Using an iPhone, iPad, iMac or MacBook, you can configure and use Siri Shortcuts to accomplish many tasks with ease.

With the integration between the Infor ION Gateway and Apple’s Siri Shortcuts, you can do things like:
Get directions to a customers address from CSD by using your voice.
Run and email (or print) a report.
Retrieve and sign a document from IDM using your iPad.
With these technologies in hand, a little know how and a lot of creativity, the sky is the limit with what you can accomplish.

Note: For the first half of the presentation I will demonstrate and discuss the capabilities of using Siri shortcuts.
The 2nd half will be a “Technical” dive into building a sample siri shortcut that can build and connect to your tenant.

** Bring your iPhone, iPad or Macbook with you so you can build and bring a fun useful shortcut back home with you!



Susan Bell /Ann Luciani

New Administrator Options (AO) in CSD

This session provides an overview of the Administrator Options (AO) system flags that govern Infor CloudSuite Distribution (CSD). We’ll also spotlight a few of the newer options that have been added.

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