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3 Ways to Ease Hosting Anxieties

Modern businesses deal with a medley of issues, concerns, and technologies that businesses just 20 years ago never had to deal with. Whether you are a business owner who has been around for just as long, or you got your start in the digital age, you face many challenges with production, data, communication, modernization, innovation, cloud hosting and so much more. Discover the 3 ways NSA can ease web hosting anxieties for you:

What is Hosting?

NSA partners with a channel-only cloud provider that offers services and supports that empower your business to grow, to increase communication, and to tailor managed hosting solutions for merchants around the world.

Our cloud hosting is different from traditional hosting because it allows multiple machines to act as a single cohesive unit that is hosted on a virtual platform, as opposed to a single physical server. Essentially, site hosting leaves the office and goes online. As you can imagine, the shift excites an onslaught of anxieties.

3 Common Cloud Hosting Anxieties

Can you relate to any one of the top 3 cloud hosting anxieties?

  1. Loss of control

Loss of control is one of the biggest concerns among business owners. So many businesses and decision-makers fear giving up a part of the business that they cannot control and handing it over to someone else. It is a fear that many can understand, and so can NSA.

Cloud hosting solutions are best implemented when you work with a qualified cloud services provider and manager who can determine your business’s needs, explore solutions, support you through implementing the service, and support you long after the cloud solution is in place. NSA partners with a cloud provider that has created a cloud hosting service that allows you – the business owner – to create your own cloud infrastructure, which means you don’t lose control.

  1. Threats from the inside

Threats come from all over the place. Not only do businesses have to worry about threats from within the company, but they have to worry about outside threats, provider insider threats, and even threats from the powers at be. NSA’s cloud hosting minimizes threats more effectively than any other platform.

This cloud hosting service permit business owners and decision makers to control access, limit access, and revoke access altogether. It allows businesses to place important servers on the highly secure cloud, or companies can elect to choose hybrid options that improve connectivity, communication, and security between local servers and our cloud hosting solution. This gives business owners more control and security at all times.

  1. Compromised data security

There are a few issues concerning data that make you hesitant to choose a cloud hosting solution. Business owners such as yourself fear lost or stolen data, off-site data control, and data security. With the troves of data your company acquires comes legal and industry compliance demands as well. It’s understandable why so many companies fear the switch.

NSA offers a solution to ease your data concerns with HIPAA and PCI compliance. Our cloud hosting is better equipped for security threats and data concerns compared to your existing IT setup and security protocols. We’ll work with your company to determine your needs, your disaster recovery plan, your security concerns, and your recovery procedures. Doing so reduces the likelihood of data breaches and loss.


Contact NSA for the best solutions for your business’s needs. Cloud hosting is not as scary as you think. Allow the professionals at NSA dispel the common cloud hosting myths you’ve heard and ease your anxieties about cloud hosting. Your business and your profits will be glad you did. Find out more about our cloud hosting services through our Enhanced Customer Support services.

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