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Watch the full episode here with Brian Weaver, Davey Glantz and Patrick VanPutte to get more information about the Business Optimization Review Process and Usage.

In this episode of the NSA Nugget, we speak with NSA COO, Patrick VanPutte and Special Guest, Mark C. Lammert, CFO of Crescent Parts & Equipment Co., Inc., where we listen to Mark’s experience migrating from SX Enterprise to CloudSuite Distribution and the impact that the NSA BOR had on the process.

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Feedback from Prior Engagements

“In the fall of 2018 Crescent Parts engaged NSA to conduct a Business Optimization Review for two reasons:

To maximize the return on our prior investments in SX.e by optimizing the use of the existing features and functionality of our current release of SX.e; especially certain features and functionality we were unaware of or were using sub-optimally.

To look to the future and lay the foundation for helping us make a strategic decision regarding upgrading to WebUI.

We achieved both objectives and it was money well spent. For example, one of their recommendations regarding how we were processing AP invoices is now saving our AP specialist 8 hours a week in processing time. Their consultants have a deep understanding and knowledge of SX.e (quirks and all) which was evident from Day 1, and that knowledge combined with their systematic process of taking a deep dive into our current processes and procedures resulted in a long list of recommendations which we are now beginning to implement. I would not hesitate to use them again on any SX.e project!”

Mark C. Lammert
Crescent Parts & Equipment Co., Inc.

“We recently contacted NSA to do a Business Optimization Review to assist us with our decision about upgrading to WebUI. We selected NSA for this project for several reasons. First and foremost is their knowledge of Infor SX.e product. We also took into account their level of customer service. NSA has supported our modifications for SX.e for the last twenty years. NSA’s loyalty and commitment to ensure we receive the right solution that meets our business needs and budget is why NSA is our first choice. You need a partner that not only understands your business but also understands the human aspect when taking on a business review.

As we prepared for the BOR, we met with our associates to discuss our goals for the review. When an employee hears the words “Business Review” it immediately raises their anxiety level. Some fear the review might uncover something they are doing wrong. It is very important the associates feel comfortable with the process. If they don’t feel comfortable, you will not achieve the best results. We found the NSA consultants to be professional and knowledgeable about our current version of SX.e and the upgrade version under consideration. The associates being interviewed felt completely at ease during the review process and commented that the consultants really understood their challenges. NSA provided a comprehensive document with an Executive Summary and detailed review of pain points and recommendations for each department. We are looking forward to moving forward with the upgrade to WebUI and all the benefits that come with this version.”

Paul Harlow
Chief Technology Officer
Nestor Sales LLC

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