4 Reasons NSA Recommends MITS Distributor Analytics for SX.e

As you may know, Infor SX.e is a powerful ERP solution that is great for managing daily transactions. But when it comes to getting data out of SX.e for reporting and analytics, you need a purpose-built solution like MITS Distributor Analytics.

Last month we hosted a free webinar with MITS. Brian Weaver, our Vice President of Cloud & Managed Services Sales, explained why our team at NSA recommends MITS to all of our SX.e customers. Additionally, Colin Sherman, Director of Sales at MITS, walked through the features of MITS Distributor Analytics. Colin also shared testimonials as well as a special promotion for webinar attendees.

Thank you to all who attended the webinar! We hope you found it informative and hope you will take advantage of the special promotion. If you have any follow up questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

If you missed the webinar, you can view it here.

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