4 Reasons You Should Move to a SaaS Model

The popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) is increasing steadily for businesses of all sizes because it helps simplify deployment of technologies and can reduce IT costs, which includes initial infrastructure costs and ongoing maintenance costs. There are countless benefits and capabilities when companies transition to a SaaS model, especially for boosting existing capabilities of ERP systems.

Here are four reasons why you should move to a SaaS model if you haven’t begun that process already.

SaaS Allows Companies to Scale as Fast and as Much as Needed

Historically, companies were required to buy or build any equipment needed for periods of growth. This came with a high cost attached to it, which meant growth was limited and sometimes painfully slow. SaaS allows companies to scale up or down based on real-time needs whenever they need to. There are no upfront costs or heavy financial investments to do so.

All Upgrades, Maintenance, and Security is Handled by SaaS Vendor

Because all software and associated IT tools being used are hosted by your SaaS vendor, they would take on the full responsibility of timely upgrades, ongoing maintenance, and ensuring comprehensive security measures are in place and working at all time. Because of this, your IT staff is able to save time each day to focus on other matters.

Lower Cost of Entry; Pay for What you Need as you Need it

With SaaS you only pay for exactly what you need as you need it, with zero need to buy hardware to host any software you may be utilizing. Additionally, you won’t have to lift a finger to install or configure anything. All of that is taken care of by your SaaS provider up front, as well as the ongoing maintenance. Also, the time it takes to get everything set up and running optimally is cut from weeks or months to days or even hours.

SaaS Offers Full Integration and Secure, Remote Access

Software provided to companies with the SaaS model is hosted in the cloud and is accessible on any Internet connected device. Authorized users will have secure, remote access to the information they need, when they need it no matter where they are. For employees and executives that are the road warrior’s type, the ability to access the software and data on the go is invaluable. Full integration with existing IT infrastructure or ERP systems will help make sure wholesale changes in processes and technology being used isn’t an issue.


Let NSA show you how you can integrate your SaaS business model with your ERP system for increased efficiency and improved remote access. Contact us today to talk with one of our senior consultants.

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