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4 Ways Business Continuity Plans Improve Profitability

You probably already know a business continuity plan helps you stay in business after data loss or disaster – but did you also know it can improve your profitability?

  1. Lower Your Insurance Premiums

An effective business continuity plan can help to negotiate lower commercial insurance premiums, commensurate with improved risk practices.

  • Include your attorney, accountant, MSP and other professional service providers in the process of developing your business continuity plan
  • Share your business continuity plan with your insurance company. Ask for their input as to how you may improve upon the plan.
  1. Leverage Process Engineering

An effective business continuity plan requires you to do process engineering on your business to better understand how everything works.

  • You must deconstruct your processes, step by step, to understand the underlying risks.
  • This process will inevitably reveal opportunities for cost savings and greater efficiencies!

Having a better understanding of your IT efficiencies means lower labor costs and improved time management. You’ll spend more time with your clients and less time managing IT.

A trusted managed service or data backup and disaster recovery provider like NSA Computer Exchange can help you through the exercise.

  • They know what to look for
  • They understand the risks to your business
  • They can explain the benefits of a complete, seamless BCDR solution like Datto. (NSA Computer Exchange partners with Datto to deliver their best-in-class BCDR solution.)
  1. Systems Enable your Business to Scale and Grow

Even the most skilled pilots need checklists.

Put your business processes on “auto-pilot”: develop systems and processes, “checklists”, for consistent, reproducible results. Systems like these reduce risks for your business and enable business growth.

Automated backups is one of the most important systems your business should put in place. Set it up once and watch it work!

  • Create a backup schedule
  • Verify the backups are working properly
  • Concentrate on growing your business while having confidence your data is protected
  1. Become a More Competitive Supplier

A prepared business is more competitive for winning contract awards and growing revenues. Leverage your business continuity planning to increase your revenue. Enterprises will consider business continuity measures vendors make prior to choosing a vendor. If working with government agencies, they will ask businesses to self-certify that they are prepared for disasters.

By protecting your business with business continuity and data backup planning, you also protect your customers. With NSA Computer Exchange and Datto, you can recover from data loss in a few minutes – that translates to dependability to your customers.

Onsite, or in the cloud, your data and their data is always safe.

Disaster recovery planning is such a critical component of planning for your business. Often times its not something we like to think about and we hope we never have to use it, but for most of us a disaster or some sort of data loss could be lurking just around the corner.

If you want to find out more about NSA Computer Exchange business continuity and data backup options, contact us today.

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