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Become More Competitive Using Your Business Intelligence Data

Understanding how and why your business performs the way it does is the information you need to make good business decisions. You can make decisions faster and with better results if you have Business Intelligence data that clearly shows you how well (or not!)  your organization is performing; and which areas are experiencing decreased productivity. Every ERP solution produces vast amounts of data, but you can’t do anything with that data unless you have a Business Intelligence System.

Business Intelligence Data should help you understand why your business is not reaching performance goals so you can take action to improve any areas that are under-performing. A quality ERP solution with Business Intelligence provides the performance data you need in a meaningful way so you can quickly take steps to overcome your competition.

Competitive Marketplace

The current state of the economy, among other factors, have led to a more competitive marketplace. Companies are always looking improve processes to save time and money, while using tools that allow better decision making. In the last decade, information technology and automation technologies have given forward-thinking businesses the ability to stay one step ahead of their competitors through the ability to store and manage high volumes of information. This information is called “business intelligence”, and helps decision makers predict future events and their impact on the business, optimize their response times, and avoid challenges.

Advantages of Using Business Intelligence

The primary benefits for companies relying on business intelligence for their decision making include:

  • Saving Time – through automation, businesses are able to save time and costs which increases the overall productivity and revenue of the company.
  • Quicker Access to Information – not only is it important for business’ to collect and store business data, but they also need to access it quickly when needed to make decisions. Our ERP solution provides a tool to store and easily retrieve information needed for decision making.
  • Improved Decisions – armed with the business data, decision makers are able to make better decisions based on facts and trends rather than guessing.

ERP Business Intelligence Analysis

Our ERP solution offers business intelligence data for analysis, giving you a variety of dynamic reports that enable you to better understand your business performance. It pulls information from the system database for the creation of “Power Cubes”. Power cubes allow you to drag-and-drop and point-and-click to various information to create interactive reports that show you exactly what you need to see.

The cubes give you insight to changes in sales over time, how your suppliers are performing, and how often you turn over your inventory, among other things.

Choose from the following features for analyzing data from various points of view:

  • Drill Down – move from one level of information to the next forfast answers to key data
  • Slice-and-Dice– look at data from any angle and inany combination
  • Graphical analysis– create graphical displays to see trends easier


Explore Data in Detail

Our ERP solution provides more than just a summary of business intelligence data. You can explore any piece of data in more detail, with features that make it possible to sort information, filter specific information in or out of view, rank, or analyze via comparisons. Using advanced business intelligence makes it possible for decision makers to identify exceptions and make future projections armed with actual evidence rather than estimates and blind predictions.


Share and Present Data

Create sophisticated visual reports of business intelligence to quickly demonstrate to decision makers areas of trouble in the business and suggestions for overcoming challenges with changes to your processes.

You can view multiple “power cubes” at the same time with an executive dashboard. The ability to review multiple reports at once provides the ability to see how information correlates, and improves your decision making ability.

To get the edge on the competition, you need to find ways to reduce costs while increasing revenue, and make intelligent decisions for the growth of your business. When your decision making strategy is based on accurate and relevant data from your business, you will become more successful and reach your business goals faster.

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