Celebrating 30 Years of Innovative ERP Service

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovative ERP ServiceIn 1984 NSA opened its doors at 27 Audrey Avenue in Oyster Bay. At that time, we were a small, innovative company run by President Neil Smilowitz. Our vision was to help companies improve their efficiency by fitting them with the right computer system and software. We specialized in business system analysis, computer installation, training, repairs and customer service.


Since then, NSA has grown from a small operation to the most senior reseller for Infor Global Solutions.  We’ve kept pace with cutting edge advances in computer technology and state-of-the-art wholesale distribution information systems and over our thirty years we’ve seen it all and done it all.


Like technology our vision has changed. Our vision today is focused on system utilization process improvement and getting bottom line results for our customers. We accomplish this today through the implementation of tools and technology surrounded by good business process and industry standards.


And while much has changed in the world of computer systems and IT, at NSA one thing hasn’t changed: our personalized, “small business” approach to customer service.


Here’s a quick look at some of our innovations and accomplishments:

  • In 1984, NSA became a leading General Account Packages (GAP) reseller 
  • In 1990, we partnered with Infor Global Solution as their first Trend/Sx Enterprise reseller — the start of a relationship that’s been going strong for 24 years 
  • In 1993, NSA expanded its offerings to include Wide Area Networking (WAN) and Local Area networking(LAN) for both voice and data 
  • In 1998, we became the first authorized Infor Global Solutions Software Integration Center for the Trend/Sx Enterprises product line 
  • In 1999, NSA helped Plumber’s Supply break a record with a multi-branch go live in only 4 months 
  • In 2001, we moved our Corporate office from Oyster Bay to our current location in Hicksville 
  • In 2002, NSA changed their training model from generic data to customer’s native data to enhance user experience 
  • In 2003 we helped restore our customer, Mid-south Appliance Parts, from a total system failure  
  • In 2006 Patrick VanPutte became president of NSA Computer Exchange Corporation
  • In 2011, we helped restore our customer, Arlington Industries, from a total system failure
  • In 2013, NSA was proud to achieve the largest transaction ($2MM) of the year 

In addition to our innovations and accomplishments above, NSA Computer Exchange is also proud to highlight some of our clients, their industries, and their successes over the years: 

  • SEAL DYNAMICS: grew 10 fold since using our software
  • CLEANER SUPPLY: has become the leading nationwide distributor of Dry Cleaner Products  and their growth has been five fold since using our software
  • PLUMBERS SUPPLY: one of the largest Plumbing distributors in New England
  • VP RECORDS: largest Reggie Music distributor in the world
  • FOX APPLIANCE PARTS: leading South East Distributor of appliance parts
  • CAROLINA WHOLESALE GROUP: One of the largest office machine and supply distributors in the country
  • DEPASQUALE SALON SYSTEMS: distributors of Salon products in the New York Metro Area
  • BURMAX: Leading distributor of School product for the salon industry
  • AUBURN ARMATURE: started with a single location now 6 branches and 5 times volume
  • COAST APPLIANCE PARTS: 14 branches, largest appliance parts distributor on the west coast 

In 2014, company founder and CEO, Neil Smilowitz continues to play a vital role in NSA’s ongoing success. Neil manages our distribution industry and business development initiatives, as well as our sales and marketing efforts. He also works closely with company president, Patrick VanPutte, whose team delivers outstanding value and innovative software solutions to our customers. 


Over the past 30 years NSA has had the privilege of helping and working with hundreds of businesses implementing ERP solutions to improve and grow their operations.  NSA customers are their most valued asset. To experience the NSA Touch contact us at 516.240.6020 or

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