Cloud Storage Trends for 2017

With the new year comes advances and trends in technology. In this day and age, cloud storage is a must for any business to ensure their data is secure and easily accessible. We’ve gathered the three trends on our radar for cloud storage this year:


Increased Security

With the need for big business and enterprises to utilize cloud infrastructure, security will remain at the forefront of importance. Expect to see security options take precedence within cloud infrastructure.


Ease of Transition

One of the biggest reasons businesses hold back from making the move to cloud infrastructure is fear of difficulty and loss of data. In 2017, business owners can expect migration tools to make the cloud storage transition easy, seamless, and secure.


Public Cloud Adoption

As the rate of cloud storage adoption increases, so does the need to utilize the open cloud. Enterprises are finding storage on their private clouds to be limiting and expensive. Expect to see these businesses embrace the open cloud and make extensive use of cloud storage for long-term data retention. It will not only be safe and accessible, but will allow for significant cost savings.


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