Cloud vs. Legacy – What’s Serves Your Business Better?

When debating if you’re business should transition from on-premise architecture to a cloud solution, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind.

As an Infor partner, specializing in Infor CloudSuite, we are highlighting the benefits of cloud-based solutions and how they can better serve your business:

Scalability and Resiliency

  • Auto-scaling functionality within applications supports automatic scaling for various workloads
  • Modern product architecture supports highly elastic applications to scale up/down automatically based on workload
  • Elastic architecture provides highly efficient and lower cost solution compared to other deployment methods
  • Take advantage of AWS and availability zones to provide resiliency

Continuous Innovation

  • Automated product updates at regular cadence are done either with zero or near-zero downtime
  • New features can be previewed with feature toggle on/off switches giving control to customers
  • Zero cost upgrade for customers as Infor does every upgrade on a regular cadence

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Modern product architecture supports highly elastic applications reducing hardware costs significantly
  • Security costs are lower compared to on-premises Infor and AWS have put best practices in place for addressing multiple levels of security
  • Significant reduction in operational cost such as performance optimization, monitoring, patching, upgrades integrations, testing etc.

Faster Time to Value

  • Automated provisioning gets applications up and running very quickly without hardware and soft­ware concerns
  • Failures are automatically taken care of by AWS availability zones and replication
  • Significant reduction in unplanned application downtime due to AWS infrastructure. Increased uptime directly translates into higher productivity

Security & Compliance

  • World class physical facilities through AWS premier partnership
  • Security through separation of duties and layered defense architecture
  • Data encryption at rest and in-transit, Centralized secured certificate management, least privilege authorization model
  • OWASP threat analysis and remediation, vulnerability and penetration testing, security best practices as part of the development cycle
  • ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 standards, SSAE18 Assessments, SOC report published annually for review
  • Dynamic password management, immutable SIEM collection and analysis, ITIL based incident, problem and change management processes

If last year taught us anything, it’s that we should have solutions in place so that our teams can operate no matter what circumstances may come up. With Infor CloudSuite, your business is ready and able to be resilient, secure, and efficient.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Infor CloudSuite for your unique business needs? As an Infor partner, we can help find the right solution to innovate your company. Contact us today.

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