Count on the NSA Touch for Business Continuity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In uncertain times, NSA is here to assist your technical and project needs. Most immediately, our customers have found the need to setup employees to work from home. This can be a sizable project for businesses that have not addressed this in the past. We can assist in helping you move forward with this daunting project and help you determine what will be the fastest method to be functional in the new environment.

NSA can assist in the following areas:

  • Remote Connectivity
  • Voice and Communication
  • Project Consulting
  • Remote training


Some things that we can assist with include:

Remote Connectivity

  • We can assist with Windows or other VPN setups. If you don’t have VPN capability, we can look at your environment and see if there is something we can quickly and securely put together.
Remote Desktop Setup
  • As an alternative or compliment to VPN, we can setup a secure RD Gateway to allow employee access to applications that you control on your servers. This can be a great way to allow SX GUI and CHUI users in – that you can control.
Report and Form Reconfiguration
  • If you are printing reports and forms (Invoices, Acknowledgements, etc.) to your office printers today, perhaps you want a method to send them to remote workers. We can assist in configuration of your systems to redirect these to email so users can look at or print them locally.
NSA can provide training on remote communication tools:
  • Now is the time to use Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business – especially if you already have Office 365. We can assist with implementing this and making it work for your business and remote workers.
  • NSA’s project management team is on standby to help your Response Team as needed. We can provide consulting services to discuss and help you formulate the most effective prioritization and track activity.  Our extensive experience in working with businesses like yours may be helpful for near term planning. Please let us know if you would like to discuss and engage our Response Team project management services.
  • Because your workforce may or may not be able to work from home productively, and may not be otherwise occupied, this may be a time to consider improving employee skill sets for the future.  We can provide training in areas to help your business run more smoothly and efficiently when we are all back to normal business.
NSA prides itself on standing by our business partners through all business cycles.  Your success is our success, and we want to help!  If there is anything else that is a concern that you want to talk through that we haven’t mentioned, we will happily listen and see if it is something we can assist with. We have resources standing by – reach out to to tag us in.

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