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Data Storage Concerns With Cloud ERP

The Cloud has changed the way businesses operate. Companies no longer need to have hardware to manage their ERP or store data, programs and company files. Cloud services now offer businesses the ability to store their information on the internet, allowing easy access for all employees. No matter where the members of your team are or what device they are using, when your company uses a cloud erp solution they always have access to the ERP data they need.

Data Storage and Privacy Concerns When Using Cloud ERP

Security issues are valid when it comes to ERP Cloud storage. When using a Cloud service your business is totally dependent on the Cloud storage service provider for security and protection of privacy. Security questions to consider when choosing a provider include:

  • What data encryption practices is the ERP Cloud service provider using? Is it up to date and what additional safeguards do they have in place to ensure your data is not hacked?
  • How often are they backing up your data? Good providers will back up your information several times a day. It is essential to know that your ERP will not be lost.
  • Who else may have access to your data? Is your Cloud storage area shared or private access?
  • Are the employees of the Cloud service provider properly trained in handling your ERP program with care and sensitivity? People working with your data need to have ongoing sensitivity and privacy training.
  • Who has the copyright on your material? Read the fine print before you sign a contract with an ERP Cloud provider. It is essential to know that you have 100% ownership of all your companies’ information that will be stored on the Cloud. Make sure that there is no clause stating that the Cloud service owns or has rights to any of your data.
  • Can your service provider control who in your company has full ERP Cloud access and who has limited access? As a business owner you will need to be able to control who has access to specific data. Certain information may need to be restricted.
  • Security needs to include passwords that are not easily hacked. The ERP Cloud provider you choose should require high quality passwords and have it set up so passwords need to be changed on a regular basis for added security.


Choosing the Right ERP Cloud Service Provider

When choosing an ERP Cloud service provider, take the above tips into consideration. A company like Acumatica has a true understanding of security and makes keeping your data safe their highest priority. NSA partners with Acumatica and will install and implement the cloud ERP solution for you to ensure it fully meets the needs of your organization.




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