ERP Software Solutions: Wendy’s Case Studies

ERP Software Solutions: Wendy's Case StudiesMaking the decision to implement the latest ERP software solutions into your company means moving yourself towards success. As Business News Daily writes, enterprise software systems of this nature provide businesses with functional integration and analytics clarity unlike any other technology. Effectively, this means being able to improve your accounting, your distribution and supply chain logistics, and your inventory control systems, all while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

As you should know, the road from choosing ERP software solutions to successful implementation can be long, and it can be difficult. However, as Wendy’s, America’s $2.49 billion a year fast food giant, has shown, implementing ERP software solutions doesn’t have to be difficult, costly, or drawn out.

Wendy’s Completes ERP Program Upgrade in Record Time

As reported by Computer World, Wendy’s went from the planning stages to complete implementation of upgraded enterprise software applications in six months. The switch over from the older version to the new has provided the company with a number of new benefits, the least of which is offering greatly improved customer fulfillment speed. By sticking to its guns and implementing the upgrade in such a short period of time, the company was able to reduce the cost of the upgrade, while bringing the list of benefits ERP software solutions offer to customers and employees in the blink of an eye.

ERP Software Solutions Lessons to Be Learned from Wendy’s

Implementation Efforts Must Be Company-wide

What Wendy’s did so well was getting everyone in the company on-board with their upgrade. Not only did the fast food behemoth create a board of 16 individuals to oversea the implementation of each piece of the new ERP solution, they also made an effort to make sure all employees, whether managers or fry cooks, understood how the new system would affect them and what role they played in the changeover.

Strategy is More Important Than Speed

While the Wendy’s software upgrade was overwhelmingly successful, it goes without saying that the company got ahead of itself at multiple points. For instance, the company didn’t ensure that it’s other third-party software was compatible with its upgraded system. Many applications were rendered buggy or unusable by the shift, something that may have been avoided had the company done its research or with the help and assistance of knowledgeable agency.

Discipline Defines Success

If you take anything away from this success story, it should be the power of clearly defining your goals and sticking to them. Where Wendy’s found success was in setting its goals ahead of time and refusing to miss timely deliverables. This mindset allowed them to move along at mach 12, while mitigating any obstacles that could have derailed such an ambitious effort.

Implementing any big change in your business is bound to come with some speed bumps. However, by taking a page from Wendy’s, you can mitigate the size of those bumps, ensuring a smoother, quicker transition period, whether you’re upgrading your ERP software solutions or going with something entirely new.

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