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How Business Intelligence Can Help Manufacturers

Orders in, boxes out, phone calls ringing, and vendors on the line. The manufacturing industry is challenging, and for every task in, your operations require three more out. How does your company manage the monstrous to-do list to keep up with production, shipping, buying, communication, and more? For companies just like yours, the solution is simple – Business Intelligence. Check out the 10 ways Business Intelligence (BI) can help manufacturers like yourself.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence systems, or business intelligence tools, are a specific type of software that assist manufacturers and personnel with handling and analyzing daily tasks – morning, noon, and night. Business intelligence tools collect and analyze data to provide essential personnel and managers with making efficient and profitable decisions.

Business intelligence software provides companies with all the insights about their customers, sales, vendors, and market activity for marketing, profits, and more. BI is a blanket term that includes data mining, analytics, processing, sales history, and reporting to make real-time decisions about production, effective business practices, and deficient business practices.

10 Benefits of Business Intelligence for Manufacturers

Here are a few reasons why leaders in the manufacturing industry employ Business Intelligence.


  1. Cut costs with solid numbers

Business Intelligence software provides managers and essential personnel with actual, real-time numbers to assist in making critical decisions about performance, inventory, businesses, changes, and daily operations. Meetings don’t have to include estimations and best-guesses when BI provides the accurate numbers about any facet of the business in question.


  1. Run and evaluate complex reports

Crunching the numbers doesn’t require piece-together analytical reports, pencils, and calculators. Now, BI provides manufacturing businesses with complex analytical tools and data instantly.


  1. Reconfigure daily business practices

An efficient workplace is a successful workplace, and BI provides the tools to ensure productivity and efficiency operate at max capacity. Instant access to analytics and reports allows businesses to make effective decisions about daily practices without wasting resources.


  1. Analyze raw data

Business Intelligence software provides the opportunity to better manage inventory, reconfigure marketing strategies, and make uniform decisions with raw data that can be tailored to the any specific business goal or need.


  1. Allows companies to run queries

Business leaders don’t have to shuffle through stacks of papers and data to figure out the answers, and they don’t have to run generic queries that don’t reveal the entire picture. BI allows essential leaders and departments to run specific queries about operations that improve profitable decision-making strategies.


  1. Identify new customer opportunities

Raw data and customized queries allow manufacturing companies to understand the consumer’s needs and future habits. This allows businesses to tailor services and attention while projecting for the long-term needs of new and existing consumers.


  1. Instant awareness into customer behavior and trends

BI does not force businesses to make guesses. It reveals sales and consumer trends daily, quarterly, or annually, depending on your specific need at the time. This assists in analyzing operating costs, inventory, and overhead immediately and in the future for better, more cost-effective planning.


  1. Identify opportunities to increases services and sales

Data and analytics help customer relations team identify the customer’s needs, many times before the consumer is aware of his/her own needs. The reporting intelligence identifies gaps and opportunities for cross-sales and up-sales to protect the consumer and keep them around longer.


  1. Organized workplace

Everyone can rest easy knowing communication and organization are on-point. An organized workplace eliminates mistakes and overhead, and it improves communication overall. BI software delivers any report and information to any device approved by essential personnel so the client and business always come first.


  1. Understand manufacturing and operating costs

Business IT provides specialized departments and mangers with evidence of the true manufacturing costs. This allows essential personnel to make changes to production that improves profits and retention.


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