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How Mobile ERP Increases Efficiency for Enterprise

The need for mobile business solutions is increasing every day and enterprise resource planning is no exception. Implementing mobile ERP has far reaching benefits that will impact many facets of your business. The practice of housing a complete ERP system on one computer is long gone, with several new efficiencies being added as part of mobile ERP.

Instant Access

With mobile ERP, information can be entered at any time, from any location, and is instantly available to all employees, providing managers and employees access to constant, real-time business information. The ability to update on-the-go reduces the chance of incorrect data being entered and allows management to respond to any problems as they arise, rather than hours later. This holds true whether the manager is halfway around the world or just down the hall.

Empowered Sales People

Nothing inspires customer confidence in a sales person like receiving instant answers to your questions and concerns. Rather than waiting until they are back in the office, your sales force will be able to access all pertinent information and provide immediate responses to clients. Your sales force will also be able to review the latest customer data and recommend new products and solutions based on the customer’s most current needs.


The increased popularity of BYOD (bring your own devices) and remote access policies for employees means “one size fits all” solutions are no longer viable. Implementing mobile ERP lets these employees stay connected to essential business functions while on the road and assists in a seamless transition once back in the office as their ability to access company information will stay the same regardless of their location. As your employees are already familiar with the devices in question, there is often little to no learning curve in using the mobile ERP. BYOD policies also save on the capital investment of the organization providing devices to all employees.

Interfaces with Existing Infrastructure

Adding a mobile ERP that works with your existing ERP interface is an ideal way to increase productivity with minimal disruption to your existing environment. Much of the required hardware will already be in place so there is no need to undertake a costly installation or to incur any downtime associated with taking existing systems offline. Enhancing your existing ERP with a mobile ERP maximizes the capabilities of your system.

Customizable for Your Business

You may decide you don’t need all facets of your ERP included as part of your mobile solution. To ensure user devices have enough available resources required to connect, you can limit the offering to the applications most advantageous to your clients and organization. Doing so will allow for faster browsing speeds and increased user satisfaction.

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