How to Maximize Strategic Purchasing Decisions with Rebates

Today’s companies face intense competitive pressures to reduce costs and build collaborative relationships with their suppliers, many of which use rebates as key components of their pricing strategy and structure. As competition intensifies for distributors, the successful management and profitability of vendor rebates can be the difference between reaping financial rewards or missing out on claims that are rightfully yours.

Are you maximizing your rebates for better purchasing?

Join us on January 14 at 2PM to learn how you can maximize your rebates and make more strategic decisions with your Infor database and Phocas Rebates.

If you’re a wholesale distributor focused on keeping stock moving and margins up, it’s easy to miss income when you don’t have time to track monies owed.

But Phocas Rebates makes it easy to see at any given time what rebates you are owed and their value. With data straight out of your purchasing database, you see actual data to make more proactive and strategic decisions. This visibility will help you answer questions like ‘How can I maximize my rebates without spending too much?’ to improve your bottom line.

When margins are tight,you need to account for every dollar in your rebates program, and visibility and accuracy is critical. Join our webinar to find out how.

Webinar: Winning the rebate game: 3 steps to better purchasing decisions
Date: January 14, 2020
Time: 2:00PM

In this webinar, discover how you can:

  • Uncover information hidden away in spreadsheets to be more strategic in your purchasing and negotiating behavior.
  • Plan more accurately and maximize your rebates with enhanced visibility of your data—straight out of your purchasing database.
  • Get more insights into rebates owed with Phocas’ “near miss” enhancement—easily keep your eye on targets and take action to meet them.

Exclusive Offer: Free user licenses for those that attend the webinar!

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