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Important Tips to Keep Your Network Protected

With many businesses operating remotely these days, it is important to stay aware and alert of cyber security risks. Prevention is key and we are here to help you stay informed on best practices to keep your network protected.

Here are our top tips we recommend helping keep your network secure:

1. Stay Up to Date: Security and antivirus updates are important and should be done regularly. As new cyber threats become known, security vendors provide software updates to help keep your data protected from these threats. Rather than ignore those update pop-ups, be sure to do them in a timely matter.
2. Do not Assume your Safe: Many small to medium sized business feel they are less at risk since they consider themselves as “small.” The truth is, 43% of cyberattacks are targeted to small businesses. Furthermore, 60% of those businesses attacked need to close after just one attack. Do not let your business fall victim to this, take the proper steps to ensure data safety.
3. Avoid Phishing Traps: Education is key to preventing many phishing scams. Encourage employees to avoid these e-mail traps by not clicking links or downloading files from an unverified source, follow up with a phone call to verify email legitimacy, and by paying close attention to the e-mail sender and subject line. Often there will be spelling and grammar errors. When your teams are aware of the red flags, your business can stay one step ahead of a cyber-attack.
4. Utilize Different Passwords: While we know using one password across all your accounts makes it easier to remember and login, the fact remains that this makes you more at risk for a breach. When one password is used across all platforms, a hacker has the key to access everything! Consider using a password manager to help you create and manage more secure passwords.
5. Backup Data on the Cloud: If your business does fall victim to a cyber-attack, having your data stored on the cloud will ensure a quicker restoration. Creating a continuity solution will help get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

At NSA, we have been helping businesses just like yours stay protected from today’s cyber threats. We offer a robust lineup of security and managed services that not only help minimize intrusions and disruptions but remedy them quickly when they do happen.

Want to learn more about how we can assist your unique business? Contact our team today.

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