Infor Unveils Major Release With Distribution SX.e, Version 10

20140330 Infor Unveils Major Release With Distribution SX.e, Version 10If you’re running a distribution business, your profitability depends on your ability to quickly respond to your customers’ and suppliers’ needs. The health of your margins also depends on your software solution. Is your ERP solution robust enough to manage large amounts of data, from line items and transactions to contacts? Is it fast and easy to use? Does it provide the metrics you need to make good business decisions? Infor Unveils Major Release to meet distributor needs.

If you’re already using Infor’s ERP software solution to manage your end-to-end operations, take note. Your distribution application just got more powerful with Infor’s recent release of Distribution SX.e, Version 10. Distribution SX.e was designed with your decision makers in mind, to help them quickly access the data they need to work faster and smarter. Integrating seamlessly with Infor 10N and Infor Ming.le, Infor’s new app streamlines your data management, so you make better decisions for your business.


Here are some of the highlights and benefits of Infor’s latest release.

Benefits of The New Distribution SX.e

Super grid technology features

Search results are easier to access than ever before. View results in a variety of groupings with filters, drill down capability, dynamic grouping, exporting and by creating customized views

Automating freight allocation

Your profits will improve dramatically with this cost recovery tool for freight allocation that tracks and manages non-returnables and non-cancellable items

Engineered for speed

Infor’s social collaboration platform was built for efficiency to provide your employees with the information they need to work productively

Advanced analytics

Save time accessing the data you need with Distribution SX.e’s advanced reporting data, business intelligence and analytics — all located in one easy to navigate repository

Better customer service

Better efficiency and productivity mean better service for your customers. You’ll save time and eliminate costly errors with Distribution SX.e’s robust data management system.

The release of Distribution SX.e, Version 10 is good news all around for distribution companies looking for a better way to manage data, streamline efficiencies, boost productivity and grow their profits. As a leading Channel Partner for Infor’s ERP business software for distributors, NSACOM founder and CEO, Neil Smilowitz and president, Patrick VanPutte, are delighted to announce the release of Infor’s latest innovative product.

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