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Keep Your Business Running Smoothly With Proactive IT Support

Think of your business and the IT infrastructure required to operate it as a living, breathing organism that requires regular health checks just as people do. Would you rather wait for something to go horribly wrong with the health of your company before having a dedicated expert come fix the problem for you, or would you prefer to do routine wellness checks and focus on preventative maintenance?

That’s the true difference between a proactive IT support model of service for your company’s IT needs, and a reactive one where your company only gets the necessary attention from professionals AFTER concerns or major issues occur. The successful operation of your business requires a healthy IT infrastructure and network. If you are not having the effort put in to routinely, and regularly, ensure the overall health and wellness of your IT network, you risk losing critical business applications, customer and financial data, in addition to the reputation and trust you have built up with your customers.

Reactive IT Support (The Break/Fix Model)

Here is a play-by-play of how things occur with a reactive IT support model. An IT issue is detected, so you contact your IT solution provider with a description of what is going on. Unless you are experiencing critical downtime, your IT provider will attempt to resolve your issue remotely. If remote support does not resolve your issue(s), then they will send someone on-site and attempt to resolve it in person.

You might be thinking – “what’s so bad about that?” and I’ll tell you.

Leading up to the issue you contacted your IT support provider about, you or someone on your staff experienced some minor issues related to basic maintenance such as updates and security patches. Because your company was not utilizing a proactive IT support service with a qualified and capable IT service provider, those updates and patches were never installed. Those updates and patches were critical and without them your entire network and IT system is compromised. Your IT support person on site tells you that because of the intrusion you experienced your internal network became corrupted and your most recent backup took place nearly two quarters ago.

The 12 hours of downtime your business just experienced because of a basic update and patch not being installed just cost your organization upwards of $300,000. Let that sink in.

Proactive IT Support

Avoiding IT issues is a costly mistake that too many businesses still make today. Implementing a proactive IT support service model with your IT service provider organization wide will help your company stay ahead of potential problems. This is possible because of automated programs, which are typically proprietary in nature for each IT service provider, that constantly monitor your entire IT network searching for potential issues.

Every single time a potential issue or error is discovered, a team of dedicated IT professionals is alerted and proactively works to resolve all of those minor issues or potential issues before they lead to bigger problems like a network intrusion that costs your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Proactive IT Support Helps Your Business:

  • Effective decision making
  • Budgeting and planning
  • IT Support cost savings
  • Disaster recovery
  • The bottom line
  • And more…

If you believe in keeping your business operations running smoothly and with minimal risk of catastrophic failure or data loss, speaking to an experienced IT professional will help you determine if a proactive IT support model is right for your company and how best to implement it.

Contact NSA today and find out if your organization is a good candidate for proactive IT support.

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