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NSA is Now a Referral Partner of EpaCUBE

NSA Computer Exchange Corp (NSA) is pleased to announce that it is now a referral partner of epaCUBE, an industry-leading pricing optimization software company that makes creating an effective pricing strategy easier than ever before.

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Meet Infor’s New Digital Assistant

This year at Infor’s annual user conference, Inforum, Infor officially released the Infor Coleman Digital Assistant. After undergoing in-depth beta testing, this product is now available to all Infor customers.

What Is It?

The Coleman Digital Assistant is a task automation product that helps users automate mundane and complex tasks. From creating a purchase order to submitting a request to IT, this digital assistant will understand the forms required and prompt the user for the data. It will even extract the data from tasks that the user is doing.

Unlike its competitors, The Coleman Digital Assistant will be doing this in a controlled, auditable, and editable way,allowing users to see what it is doing and change the process as needed. This is a substantial step forward as many digital assistants are either based on scripting languages or are so opaque that users can’t edit along the way.

Rick Rider, Product Director of Technology at Infor, said the following about the new artificial intelligence technology offering:

“We’re not just doing AI because it’s the sexy technology that we should be playing in. It’s really about focusing on business problems, and customers are the ones helping us drive this. Everything that you’re seeing that we’re developing is directly correlated to how customers want to build and use this in the future.”

What Does this Mean for Infor Users?

Infor is taking a huge leap into the future by building its own AI environment. These types of offerings will not only set Infor apart from its competitors in the space but will offer users increased flexibility and efficiency in their business. In the end, the user is what matters and these AI technologies will make remarkable enhancements to Infor’s stellar solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about the latest Infor offerings, contact our team today.

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