NSA Provides Excellent Technical Support

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! Hearing from our clients is the most rewarding part of our job. We’re excited to share our most recent testimonial from Irr Supply Centers, Inc.:

“If you are considering buying a Datto Backup appliance for your data-center, I recommend you make the investment.

At Irr Supply Centers, Inc. we recently virtualized a part of our data-center. NSA recommended a Datto Backup Appliance which takes hourly snapshots of our VMware environment. Datto also supports agent based backups to servers outside of the VMware footprint.

MITS, a BI application, runs on a standalone Windows 2012 server. We added this server to the Datto Backup Appliance by installing the agent and adding it to the Datto Appliance using the intuitive WebUI Datto ships with.

Recently the MITS database became corrupted and we opened a support ticket with MITS. After their analysis they determined they had 2 courses of action they could pursue to fix the issue. They could do a reinstall of the software, which would have taken several hours. Or if we had a backup of the database they could copy it back to the server.

Datto makes it easy to restore right down to the file level when necessary. The solution was to mount a restore point on the Datto. The Datto creates a Windows mapped drive link which will connect to the device like a network drive.

I sent the link to the mapped restore point to MITS support. Within 20 minutes they were able to restore the database with a backup that resided on Datto. This saved their support several hours of work and we had our MITS BI server up and running very quickly. The tech at MITS said the restore gave him everything he needed.

Give yourself peace of mind and make the investment in Datto. NSA provides excellent technical support and training for the Datto product.”

Kevin Saky
IT Integrator
Irr Supply Centers, Inc.



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