Our Values As An Infor Partner

As an Alliance Partner, NSA can consult, advise, and integrate with Infor. Together we strategize to ensure that Infor products and services are providing as much value to Infor’s 90,000 customers as possible.

Infor’s customers are driving progress in their industries and shaping the future with their products, services, ideas, and innovations. We are proud of the role we play in making them successful.

Part of being an Infor Alliance Partner means working with Infor’s values. These are the values we’re proud to follow:

Work with a Sense of Urgency

We conduct our work with intensity and speed while using good judgement.

Passion for Success

Our passion for customer success involves being responsive and following through on promises. We always strive todo better. We’re accessible and communicate proactively.


Be curious. Be disruptive. We question convention and are ready with suggestions. We collaborate with each other until we arrive at the best idea.

Focus on Results

We never ignore results and facts, we learn and adjust. We focus on quality in everything we do. We take time to invest in value creation.

A Sense of Community

We always show compassion and caring for others. We’re socially responsible. We’re inclusive.

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