Pathway to Success Series #1: Upgrades

We are holding the first of our new Pathway to Success Series this month and the topic is UPGRADES! It’s something that we know is on the mind of many of our clients and the top distribution companies around North America. Please attend the session to learn more about these various options and the pros and cons of each and to ask your questions of the NSA experts in real time.

You can also read on for some more details about what we’ll be going over during the discussion.

If you’ve been using Infor Distribution SX.enterprise over the years, you’ve likely seen the numerous evolutions.

FIRST Trend Character (CHUI)

  • Simple & clean
  • Single screen
  • Easy to navigate
  • All keyboard driven

Users could enter orders and pay the bills, without even looking at the screen. They memorized the keystrokes –enter, enter, enter, F1(go). Training was offered via classroom, consultant led onsite, VHS tapes,and black binders.

NEXT SX.enterprise Graphical (GUI)

  • Multiple screens
  • Hyperlinks to connected files
  • Mouse driven navigation available
  • Keyboard navigation still optional

There was a bit of a learning curve for users migrating from CHUI to GUI. Modifications became more complicated, making the decision to upgrade costly and disruptive. Training tools included CMICDs and One-Stop Manuals.

NOW WebUI/ CloudSuite Distribution (CSD)

  • Web browser based, on premises or in the cloud
  • Access via laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Monthly updates offer features and functionality at greater speed
  • Every screen can be personalized

Knowledgeable users can ‘extend’ functionality without impacting the core product. Users are encouraged to eliminate Modifications and replace them throughIn-Context Apps or extensions, allowing users to take the monthly updates without going through a
disruptive upgrade process. One-Stop manuals have been replaced with online help. Training is via onsite, web sessions, and Infor Campus.

Advancements in technology and functionality also provide end users opportunities to gain efficiencies thru capabilities like automated work flows and alerting.

NSA is a designated SX.e Alliance Partner

Infor has recognized theNSA’s team’s depth, breadth and experience; they’ve witnessed our stellar success in guiding SX.e upgrades (extreme upgrades included). Our team will ask the right questions in order to deliver the right resources,at the right time,to help you discover the best path to upgrade specific to the needs of your organization. We can help you answer these critical questions:

  • Do I upgrade, and when?
  • If I upgrade, to what? GUI? WebUI? On-Premise? CloudSuite?
  • Which modifications and applications should I choose?

There is no one right answer; each distributor needs to carefully weigh and evaluate what is best for their unique business. The decisions you make will have long term influences on your organization so we’ll help you explore the pros and cons of each option. The NSA team has successfully guided, trained, converted and implemented upgrades to SX.e for decades. We’ll do the same for you and implement your unique solution with the least disruption to your business as possible.

Attend the session to learn more about these various options and the pros and cons of each and to ask your questions of the NSA experts in real time.

Let NSA show you what all our current clients already know, that we can be your trusted SX.e technology partner for the future!

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