Protect Yourself from Supply Chain Disruption

20140520 Protect Yourself from Supply Chain DisruptionAs Supply Chain Digest writes, disruptions in the supply chain can be one of the biggest challenges any wholesale distribution company will ever face. After all, without a supply of goods to distribute, you lack the inventory you need to continue doing business. As many wholesale distribution companies have been forced to find out over the last few years, diversification and globalization of supply are the keys to safer, more sustainable supply chain management systems. Specialized business enterprise software, particularly that for supply chain services, is the best place to start in diversifying your supply chain and mitigating risks. If you’re a wholesale distributor it is imperative that you protect yourself from supply chain disruption.

The Post Rana Plaza World

For a huge number of wholesale distributors in the textile industry, 2013 was a watershed year. Due to a collapse of a Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh in April 2013, more than 1,100 workers lost their lives, as Al Jazeera news reports. The event, which survivors are commemorating the one year anniversary of today, has completely reshaped the world, both for survivors and families of victims and wholesale distribution companies, like yours.

On the business side of things, tighter controls and closer inspection scrutiny has changed the face of the Bangladesh production and supply industry, as NPR writes. As many big U.S. retailers, like Walmart and Target, refuse to take part in a coalition to improve working conditions in the small country, many are considering whether they should continue being such a crucial part in the Western supply chain. All of this, of course, means huge delays and disruption for supply chain companies. Imagine, if you failed to diversify and relied exclusively on these Bangladeshi markets, your company would be free falling right now.

How Business Enterprise Software Can Help

Business enterprise software for supply chain management is built to give you the tools you need to better manage and track each link in your chain. With better management and control, you can build a reputation for speedy invoice fulfillment and customer fulfillment, helping you build a name for yourself as a reliable service on both ends of your business. In the end, this translates to greater influence when expanding your supply chain management, both in a regional and international sense, and that means not having to rely on any one part of your chain, be it in Bangladesh or elsewhere, too heavily.

Tackling the challenges of supply chain management is a multi-tiered problem. By diversifying your supply chain with the help of business enterprise software, you can mitigate many of the biggest issues, helping to keep your company on track towards continued success.

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