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Reduce Errors, Save Time & Lower Costs with integraRental

“We previously used a whiteboard, which does the basic job of keeping track of equipment but is very inefficient and often subject to error. We were ready to take the next step and automate the process…Overall, [integraRental] acts as our fleet manager.” –Matt, integraRental user since 2017

The logistics of managing a rental business can be daunting at times. When equipment is constantly changing hands and locations, it’s no surprise that costly mistakes can happen. However, the right rental software can help you reduce errors, save time, and lower costs. If your equipment is the engine of your business, your rental software is the oil that keeps it running smoothly. integraRental provides an adaptable software solution that allows your rental business to maximize its efficiency.

Reduce Errors

Let your software manage the details for you. Create rental agreements easily with standard input fields or customize asset rates and attributes specifically for your industry and equipment. Have peace of mind knowing your assets are protected with automated damage waivers and rules for deposit specific to your equipment. Another way integraRental reduces the potential for data entry mistakes is with the ability to enter, save, and store customer information as soon as you receive it.

Save Time

Getting work done in the field is no problem with integraMobile. The mobile app allows you to quickly complete an entire rental agreement from any location, plus many other features.Save time at pick or delivery by scanning a driver’s license barcode to automatically enter a customer’s contact information or document your asset’s condition by attaching a photo to the rental agreement. integraRental can even save your customers time as well with the eRental platform that allows users to browse your rental options at their leisure and request a reservation from their own devices.

Lower Costs

integraRental offers many specialized features for monitoring equipment to increase the longevity and productivity of rental fleets. Integrated with RoviTracker,
inegraRental software can monitor any make and model of rental equipment using GPS trackers. The ability to set automated check in/check out times and oversee electronically captured metered hours and fuel levels allow you to optimize the cost of your rentals and schedule maintenance exactly when needed.

When you are able to reduce errors, save time, and lower costs not only will your business thrive, but customer satisfaction will also improve. IntegraRental software is sure to keep the gears of your rental business turning as efficiently as possible.

Want to learn more? We recently hosted a webinar with integraRental. Check it out here. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, we’ll be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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