Reduce Operating and Inventory Costs With ERP

20140227 - Reduce Operating and Inventory...It’s often been said that trucking agencies and other wholesale distributors are the backbone of the United States economy. As if to drive home the point, Forbes released a story that shows many American wholesale distribution companies enjoyed a record-breaking year, with sales growth estimated at 7% for 2013. Clearly, the services companies like yours offer are essential to the success of the U.S. economy. Even so, we know you search for and focus on ways to continually reduce operating and inventory costs. That’s what smart distributor businesses do!

Even with how essential distributors are to the success of the economy, there’s no guarantee your business will continue to succeed. Mounting inventory costs and the increasingly complicated nature of getting your goods through international customs services can take their toll on any business. Fortunately, with the use of enterprise business software, you can avoid many of the most costly issues.

What Types of Enterprise Business Software Should You Use?

  • Inventory Control Systems

    Inventory control system software has become one of the most popular types of enterprise business software on the open market, and it’s not hard to see why. As The Houston Chronicle suggests in a recent article, that businesses constantly have to juggle their inventory, making sure they only buy enough to match their needs, thereby avoiding losing money on storage. Further, since employee abuse of company stocks is an unavoidable, damaging problem, businesses need ways to more accurately control and monitor their inventory. Inventory control systems help businesses monitor inventory, audit different stocks to check for theft, and help reduce costs in a plethora of other ways. On average, according to an article by the Aberdeen Group, inventory control systems reduce business inventory costs by 11%.

  • Distribution Management Systems

  • Using distribution management systems can be just as advantageous for businesses looking to reduce costs and improve productivity. Consider, as statistics from Grant Thornton show, it can take as long as 46 days for your company’s invoices to be paid in full. Distribution systems not only help you get your product where it needs to be in a timely manner, they also reduce average payment times significantly, increasing your cash flow.In general, you should think of distribution management systems as streamlining solutions. These systems improve order processing, sales, accounting, and more. Because of this, the average business sees a drop in operating costs of 13%.

    If you’re worried about staying ahead of the curve and continuing to offer an essential business to the American economy, consider implementing enterprise business software into your business. Doing so, you’ll not only cut your costs, you’ll improve customer service. In other words, you’ll greatly improve your company overall.

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