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The Importance of Tech Experts During Mergers and Acquisitions

Taking an acquisition beyond its current potential is no easy feat without the right resources in place. We can’t stress enough how important it is to rely on tech experts during a merger or acquisition. Tech experts have a great deal of experience in protecting companies like yours from the gotcha’s when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.

Four Reasons to Rely on Tech Experts During a Merger or Acquisition:

  • A Smooth Process from Start to Finish – Most companies involve the top executives along with certain directors and managers from various departments. And while all of these individuals should be involved, it’s equally important to have your IT representatives attend all meetings regarding the merger and acquisition. Most businesses are cloud-based now, so IT staff must be involved from the beginning to ensure a smooth process and meet everyone’s expectations. Too often IT is brought in after the merger/acquisition process has begun and they’ve experienced some technological roadblocks in moving forward.
  • Responsible for Integration Management – Only one department has the correct knowledge to successfully integrate the various systems and online resources: IT. Today, the IT department is extremely involved in a company’s production ability and service dependability, as well as serving as support to other departments. When businesses are merged and/or acquired, the now many clients, partners, suppliers, etc. must be joined together in one seamless system. Without IT experts, it would be nearly impossible to create a system that is free of errors and integrated properly. You can’t have systems losing vital information during the merger and/or acquisition because you failed to adequately involve your IT department. In addition, their experience with cloud-based software and technology, in general, is essential, especially when two large companies merge. This requires a team of dedicated tech experts working together to get the job done.
  • Successful IT Staff Integration – When two organizations come together, both IT departments must fully integrate, forming one solid IT department as quickly as possible. The two IT departments must identify key IT consultants and personnel who’ll be vital in creating new processes for the newly formed company. Communication is extremely important at this time. IT consultants should voice any concerns regarding new IT procedures that can be addressed as a group. Eventually, every IT person on staff should be clear on their job role and expectations for the newly formed company.
  • Diminishing Fears & Presenting Opportunities – Learning the company you work for is a part of a merger and acquisition can leave some feeling anxious or fearful of inconveniences and disruptions to their everyday routine. Being told by executive leadership that the IT department is helping facilitate the process is a big deal. Knowing they’re involved, they’ll realize the chances of technological disturbances will be less likely and employees should feel more at ease about the situation. Since employees, customers, partners, and suppliers, don’t have a say in the merger and acquisition, it’s the responsibility of the newly formed business to guarantee information, products, services, and other important items are executed and delivered as efficiently as possible. The goal should be to have a merger or acquisition flow so smoothly that no one notices any issues. Without IT experts weighing in, it will be difficult to achieve this goal.

Utilizing IT experts’ recommendations is the key to coming together under one name. Having led the process on countless occasions, our team at NSA has seen most everything and has the foresight needed to help such acquisitions grow and thrive through the implementation of intelligent, time-tested systems and processes. If you’re beginning the process of merging two companies, don’t go it alone – We’re here to make it a smooth transition for everyone involved. Reach out to us on our website and tell us about your exciting new business venture.

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