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15 Thoughts You Should Think Every Day to Motivate Yourself

People often complain about their own lack of motivation which, in itself, can be the least productive way to stay on task. The power of thought actually has a lot to do with how motivated you feel to stay the course and actually achieve the goals and accomplishments you have set for yourself. If you always feel the clichés about Mondays are absolutely true, you can guarantee every Monday will be an effort in futility.

The good news is anyone can help increase their own motivation by making changes to their thought processes. The even better news is your thought processes only require slight adjustments to see more positive results.

Here are 15 thoughts you should think each day to motivate yourself and get yourself back on the path of productivity, higher morale, and an overall better mood:

  1. I CAN Do It

If you are always thinking ‘I just can’t do it’, you’ll always be right. Think instead, “I Can Do It!” These four simple words repeated often will be vital to your achievement of any goal.

  1. I Deserve My Success

Those lacking confidence in their right to a better life often derail their own success thinking they are not worthy. The truth is you are worthy and you do deserve every good thing to come your way.

  1. NOW Is the Right Time

No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Don’t put off what you can achieve today. Wherever you are in the ‘now’ is the perfect time to start working on achieving what you want.

  1. I’m Learning from Mistakes

If there were no mistakes in life, people would not continue learning. As long as you are trying to do what you want, you are succeeding. The mistakes along the way are the true learning experiences life has to offer. Pay attention.

  1. Today Is What Matters

Every day you wake up you get a second chance. Focus only on what today brings as you are not responsible for tomorrow. Don’t think about the past. It’s gone.

  1. I Control Me

Other people in your life can contribute to your demotivation but only if you let them. Turn a deaf ear to the naysayers and follow your own path. No one has to live your life but you.

  1. My Support Team is Awesome

Think about those amazing people in your life who encourage, inspire, and support your efforts. Offer gratitude for those standing with you on your path.

  1. Anything is Better than Nothing

Any step toward progress you make counts immeasurably towards success. It is only when you do nothing at all will you experience the regret of failure.

  1. Overnight Successes Are a Myth

Among the billions of people on the planet, maybe a handful receives the miracle of overnight successes. The large majority of humans on Earth achieve success gradually. Be patient in your efforts and success will come. Remember there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors being used in overnight success stories.

  1. Yes! I Deserve a Reward

For every progress you make toward your goal, go ahead and enjoy a reward. These small rewards along your path will be an outstanding motivator to keep going and help you realize how far you’ve come.

  1. I’m Wiser Today

Every day you’ll learn something new and take the learning experience with you for the rest of your life. Appreciate each day how much more you know about yourself, your goals, and your experiences. You’ll be even wiser tomorrow.

  1. I Feel Good and That’s Good

Your feelings help you gauge where you are on your life path. Trust your intuition and know you are ultimately the only one who can make things happen for you.

  1. I’ve Got the Will, Let’s Find the Way

Your goals will present obstacles which may seem insurmountable. But know that as long as you have the will, you will find the way to achieve what you set out to do.

  1. I Can See the Big Picture

No one knows what’s in your head better than you. Use your power of visualization to see the big picture of both the immediate future and the long-range one. Keep developing that picture in your head to stay motivated and focus on visualizing the ultimate goal.

  1. Bye, Bye Negative Thoughts

Throughout your journey it will be normal for all kinds of negative thoughts to creep in and out of your head. Literally say goodbye to these thoughts out loud. Refocus on the good thoughts that inspire you.

Self-motivation is essential to getting past your dead zone, your writer’s block, your procrastination. Take time each day to quiet the mind and laser-focus your thoughts on all of the good things in life. Keep your mind’s eye trained on the goals you’ve set and repeat any or all of the above as often as necessary to motivate yourself. You might be amazed at just how far you can go as you refine your power of positive thought. You have nothing to lose and so very much to gain using a more productive thought process.

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