Three Key Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Inventory Management Software

Big DataYou could argue that every single disaster in the history of civilization can be ultimately traced back to two simple words: human error. It’s the reason our phones have slow loading times for mobile web pages. It’s the reason for oil spills and hooked field goal attempts and plenty of oversights in the data department of a professional business. Unfortunately, there’s nothing human beings can truly do to prevent themselves from making mistakes. One way to omit human error? Let computers handle the task at hand.

This is part of the reason why inventory control programs have become steadily popular in the corporate world. After all, it’s far less likely that a computer would forget to “carry the two” in its daily calculations, especially compared to what a human might do with the same information. But how do these types of business enterprise software actually work, and how can you be sure they’d actually benefit your business? These are questions we’re aiming to answer, starting with…

Cutting out unnecessary costs
The best inventory software is the kind that effectively pays for itself. OK, so that might be a bit of a stretch to say, but think about the occasions when you accidentally overspent on stocking too many products. Think about times when an entire shipment sustained serious damage because it wasn’t properly accounted for by a worker along the line. It’s these types of oversights that this kind of management software aims to fix, effectively saving you more money that would’ve otherwise been wasted.

Keeping track of shipments in the system
Inventory control management is one of the most essential pieces of business enterprise software you can invest in, and nowhere is this more true than in the shipment department. You know that time spent arguing on the phone because of a lost shipment is time that could be better spent ensuring the problem doesn’t happen again elsewhere. By digitizing your inventory management, you can avoid both of these stresses by placing a heavier emphasis on shipment flows, orders received and other aspects of the transport process — all with a little help from specialized software.

Talking numbers, numbers, numbers
How about this pair of statistics to pique your interest: Aberdeen Group researchers found that enterprise software can indeed save businesses big money in the long run. Inventory costs can be cut by nearly 11%, and administrative expenses by 10%. In other words, your distribution is bigger, beefier and less prone to costly mistakes in the long run. This kind of precision helps businesses sustain their operations for much, much longer.

Of course, it’s important to realize that you’re still human and are therefore prone to mistakes simply because it’s in your nature. No business enterprise software can change that. However, running a business is all about how you handle recovering from those mistakes — and you should always do it gracefully. Inventory control systems simply provide you fewer reasons to field customer, distributor or retailer service calls. When everything’s moving smoothly, so too is your business.

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