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Tips for Comparing ERP Vendors

Choosing an ERP implementation partner to upgrade your existing ERP system, switch to a cloud ERP solution, or implement your first-ever ERP solution for your new business can be challenging. Choosing the right partner is essential to the success of your business. Here are some tips for comparing ERP vendors so you can make an educated decision:

Does Their Experience Match Your Needs?

When comparing ERP vendors take a look at their experience. Be wary of any organization that is new to ERP implementation – in this situation, experience matters! Companies with more experience will have faced and overcome more challenges during the ERP implementation process, meaning they will have fewer problems than a company just starting out. Find out whether the ERP vendors have experience in your particular industry, too. A retail organization has very different needs in an ERP system than a process manufacturer has. Working with an ERP implementation partner that has experience in your industry can help make the process for transitioning to a new ERP solution or installing a new system smoother.

Does The Vendor’s Culture Match Yours?

You should meet with any ERP vendors you’re considering before you sign on the dotted line. Having a good relationship is important during the implementation process and it’s important you feel comfortable with the vendor. You will want to know your implementation partner is going to go the extra mile during the process of implementing your solution, and work with you to show you all of the areas you can leverage your solution to improve your business.

Will the Chosen ERP Solution Integrate With Your Sales Software and CRM?

If you already have sales software, such as Salesforce, and a CRM solution – you will want to make sure your ERP will integrate with your existing business applications. Ask ERP vendors to show you a list of applications that can integrate with the chosen ERP solution, or find out whether the new ERP system will take the place of existing business applications and what the migration process for that will entail.

Will The Chosen ERP Vendor Provide Ongoing Support?

An important consideration when choosing an ERP implementation partner is whether or not they are going to provide support after the solution has been installed. While some software program manufacturers provide limited support to users of their ERP systems, many businesses find they need more support than that to fully utilize their ERP solution. ERP vendors that offer ongoing support can help you get the most out of your ERP, improving productivity, reducing downtime, leveraging business intelligence metrics, and getting a good return on investment for your ERP solution.


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