Top 5 Signs Your Distribution Center Needs Better Access to Business Intelligence Solutions

If you’re running a distribution center, chances are you’ve got an ERP solution that is just loaded with data you could use to make better decisions. There is data in there that can tell you where you’re wasting money, where inefficiencies are costing your team valuable time, and even offer clues for improving your bottom line. If only you could access that data and put it to good use! Utilizing distribution center business intelligence is the key to higher profits.

You already have an ERP solution. We know that. You might be thinking, “why fix it if it ain’t broke!”, and we understand that, too. But you might not know what you’re missing out on, if your current ERP solution doesn’t give you an easy way to use the data it keeps on your operations.

Making Sense of Distribution Center Business Intelligence for Better Profits

When your ERP solution provides business intelligence data in an accessible way, you can create meaningful reports to analyze information about your distribution center which can translate to higher profitability. Not all ERP solutions are created equal. It can be difficult to pull the data you need from your ERP system, which leads to companies failing to use the information in useful ways. If you’re not using your data to make decisions, you better believe your competitors are.

There are ERP solutions with accessible business intelligence data that make it easy to pull the information you need from the system, when you need it, and in a format that allows you to compare and contrast the information to make better business decisions, increase efficiency and profits.

Not sure if you need better access to distribution center business intelligence data? Check out the following signs you need it – and if any of these sound familiar, it’s time to start thinking about software that can extract the data from your ERP system, optimizing your ERP solution, or an ERP Upgrade.

Top 5 Signs Your Distribution Center Needs Better Access to Business Intelligence Solutions

late to meeting

  1. You need to run a simple report for a meeting that starts in fifteen minutes, but you can’t make it work.


sleeping at work stockunlimited 18869912. When you need a more advanced report to analyze the operational data, it takes you so long to get the information you need from your ERP that the report is finally created…. with data that is completely inaccurate and out of date.

Arguing.3. You spend company meetings arguing with co-workers about who has the most accurate report, since you can’t seem to duplicate the same information every time you need to access it.

can't find data4. You have to tell vendors, suppliers, or clients that you will “look that information up later”, because you know there is no way you can find it in a reasonable amount of time to present it on-the-spot.

Cell.5. You attempt to create reports and save data via spreadsheets and manual entry of information.


Sound like you?

If this sounds like your process – you should know that technology has come a long way and could actually help you become more efficient. Your data isn’t just there to take up space – it should be used to make educated decisions that help your distribution center grow.


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