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UniLink and NSA Professional Services Build Success for the Infor SX.e Community

Every successful initiative requires vision, strategy, and execution. Most companies have a firm grasp on their vision and strategy: focusing on topline growth, prioritizing expense reduction, and remaining relevant and easy to do business with.

The execution is often where companies look for help.

To serve Infor SX.e users, we’ve partnered with UniLink to build 100% electronic trading partner connectivity (suppliers and customers), regardless of their technical capabilities or existing systems.

Done right, universal document exchange—and EDI, specifically—lowers cost and complexity for both you and your customers. The UniLink EDI cloud model initiative offers:

  • No risk
  • Zero capital expenditure
  • Nearly immediate payback
  • Maximum ROI
  • Lower total cost of ownership


UniLink specializes in EDI forms exchange, with the capability to handle over 40 unique transaction types, including the industry’s most common:

  • Purchase order, 850
  • Invoice, 810
  • Advance ship notice, 856
  • PO acknowledgment, 855
  • PO change request, 860


Combining the NSA approach with the UniLink mapping expertise, communications technology, and data center infrastructure, together we will create a fully electronic environment for your invoice processing.

“NSA is an experienced SX.e services partner with a reputation for helping businesses achieve success through the best technology solutions. They provide customer support and consulting services to help implement, customize, and improve SX.e environments.” – UniLink


By eliminating paper documents, you gain immediate improvements in overall financial performance:

  • Remove the time and costs associated with manual data entry and processing, while also reducing errors.
  • Speed up collections and payment processing to achieve healthier cash flows.
  • Eliminate postage and other delivery expenses.
  • Gather real-time data to empower management with better visibility into procurement and AP processes.
  • Increase your market competitiveness and your value to new and existing customers.


Special Promotion:

Get started with your complete first map for only $350, and pay nothing until the system is verified as operational. Each trading partner map thereafter is just $150. Typical cost savings is at least $15 per invoice, but the more invoices you generate, the more savings you’ll experience.


For more information, please contact our team at 516.240.6020. We’d be happy to answer any questions or get you set up to take advantage of our special promotion!

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