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Upgrade Infor Distribution Software to Increase ERP Efficiency

NSA Computer Exchange Corp partners with Infor, a leader in specialized distribution software. Recently the company announced the improvements made to the Infor Distribution SX.e 10.3 which includes new features to better serve distributors and increase ERP efficiency by creating cloud readiness and managing operations.

Infor Distribution SX.e is a distribution management solution featuring a micro-vertical specialization designed to assist distributors in every industry in increasing overall productivity and easily adapting to change in a constantly evolving market. The company provides amplified visibility into business practices and better control of the customers, transactions, suppliers, and customers while keeping up with products in inventory.

Increase ERP Efficiency With Improved Day-to-Day Operations

The incredible functionality of the Infor Distribution SX.e distribution software solution better allows companies with a way to better manage day to day operations while staying functional and flexible. The software also enables companies to streamline and automate processes for tracking daily transactions. The software also provides distributors with easy access to vital information necessary to process orders and other requests, such as customer sales histories.

Many of our clients struggle in keeping up with the various things happening each day. There is a lot involved in distribution work – from ordering, purchasing, and the overall management of the company. NSA is pleased to be able to offer the high-quality technology Infor Distribution offers. We are providing our clients with the important tools they need to stay on top of their game and exceed their own customer’s expectations.

Improvements With the Upgraded Infor Distribution Software

Cloud Readiness

Infor Distribution SX.e software enables companies to be ‘cloud-ready’ in all aspects of business.

Core Functionality Improvements

The software has undergone upgrades to three critical areas of distribution: Purchase Orders, Inventory Control, and Order Entry. There has also been improvement with the Infor Demand Planning which allows access to other key data including payment information and the purchase history of customers.

Valuable Personalization Ability

Improved WebUI in Infor Distribution SX.e has been updated with more personalization options including on their profile with consolidated screens to streamline information accessibility.

NSA Computer Exchange Corp specializes in assisting clients with the successful implementation of new software programs to increase productivity. With the recent improvements to the Infor Distribution software, NSA will be able to provide an even higher level of service for increased efficiency in data retrieval and management.

Companies interested in discussing solutions for inventory control and day-to-day distribution tasks can contact NSA for more information on the recent upgrades to the versatile Infor Distribution SX.e software at  (516) 240-6020 or by email at

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