Wearable Technology Could Change the Face of ERP by CloudTech

20140708 - Wearable Technology Could Change the Face of ERP by CloudTechERP software has continuously grown in popularity over the last few years. From warehousing and inventory management software that allows companies to instantly share inventory data throughout the business, to distribution management software that assists businesses through the many steps of processing orders, enterprise software systems are used by an ever-growing number of companies across the world.

Naturally, when something works as well as ERP software solutions do in augmenting business operations, people want to improve upon it. As CloudTech reports, the best way to boost the efficacy of ERP programs may be to combine them with the brave new world of wearable technology.

How Wearable Technology and ERP Software Solutions Can Transform Businesses

Most companies realize that inventory management software can keep them from overstocking their products and needlessly spending money, as well as provide numerous other benefits to companies on a purely functional level. However, according to a recent study at the University of London, when paired with wearable technology, ERP software solutions have been shown to increase employee productivity by 8.5%, and satisfaction with their jobs by 3.5%. Wearable technology, the study found, allows employees to readily access important information on the fly, regardless of where they are, making it far easier to do their jobs.

Like All Tech, Wearable ERP Systems Need to Be Managed

Introducing wearable technology equipped with ERP software solutions, while potentially beneficial, could also be problematic. According to Forbes, 29% of employees waste between one and two hours of work per week, with 21% burning two to five hours of time they’re being paid for. Social media, Youtube, and other internet-based distractions are among the biggest contributors to these statistics. Needless to say, introducing wearable computers could actually exacerbate the problem.

It’s not as though personal technology in the workplace is a novel concept. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, many businesses have implemented bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies that allow employees to use their personal technology in the office for work purposes. As you might imagine, this led to problems with productivity. However, by implementing controls in BYOD policies, like those the popular tech blog CIO highlights, businesses were able to ensure tech privileges weren’t abused. The same approach can be taken with wearable tech.

Network administrators can set up filters on company routers that would effectively block Facebook, Tumblr, and any other productivity-leaching sites from being accessed from Google Glass or whatever other tech you’re combining with enterprise software applications. You could block access on a hardware level, but you’d likely run into issues if your employees own their own tech. However you do it, taking this step would ensure you only gain the benefits of combining wearable tech with ERP software solutions.

Have you implemented wearable technology with your current ERP software? What issues, if any, have you seen since making the switch?

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