What it Means to be an Infor Partner

Last month we announced the expansion of our role in the Infor Partner Network (IPN). NSA has been an Infor Channel Partner for over 30 years, so taking the next step and advancing to an Alliance Partner is very exciting for our team.

For starters, Infor is an incredible network to be a part of. As a leading enterprise software provider offering strategic applications for specific industries, Infor has over 90,000 customers across 170 different countries. With such a vast network, there will be so many opportunities where we can assist and we’re truly looking forward to doing so.

As an Alliance Partner, NSA can consult, advise and integrate with Infor as well as other Alliance Partners. Together we will strategize to ensure that Infor products and services are providing as much value to customers as possible.

Being accepted as Alliance Partner means that Infor recognized NSA as a leader in the industry; they trust our team, our experience and capabilities and that is a huge honor for us! We look forward to working alongside Infor and other Alliance Partners and continuing to do what we do best – provide solutions to businesses in need.

Have questions about Infor and the Alliance Network? Feel free to contact us!

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