When Reality Is Virtual, Paper Can’t Compete

Have you compared your “back to normal” plans to policies from all your trading partners? Their various strategies could require you to work around altered timelines, decreased operational capacities, and unpredictable work-from-home schedules.

These shifts may even force you to find new vendors. During this adjustment period, being stuck pushing paper is a true disadvantage for your business.

To sustain your most important relationships and start successful new connections, it’s finally time to replace obsolete manual tasks with flexible, efficient, automated accounts processing. In fact, you can make it happen with one of our service partners – UniLink.

As a full-service EDI provider and technology leader, UniLink is the fast, cost-effective, and risk-free path to achieving your digital transformation. Their universal cloud platform, existing links to major retailers, seamless ERP integration, smart maps, and decades of data-handling expertise help build momentum in your EDI program.

It’s clear that electronic connectivity is essential to moving business forward today. Start now with your top-priority trading partners and their “core four” transactions: POs, PO Acknowledgements, Invoices, and Advance Ship Notices. We’ll manage the entire conversion process, and for NSA customers and prospects will earn a 2 for 1 discount on your first 10 smart maps when you sign a UniLink service agreement before October 1, 2020.

Ready to lose paper for good? Let’s schedule 30 minutes to talk about your specific EDI needs and questions. Contact our team today to get started.

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