Why Should I Replace ERP Software?

For many companies, the problem with changing to new technologies is the worry that upgrades, technology modifications, and shifts if the business model linger in the background. The thought of replacing new systems provokes worries about downtime and costly replacements, but your old ERP system may be costing you much more. Explore the many reasons why you should replace your current ERP software.


Your system can’t keep up

If your business needs and processes are changing more rapidly than your current ERP software can keep up, it is time to identity the gaps in operation and implement them in the new ERP system. Upgraded ERP software can be customized to meet the demands of the changes. When your company can change processes and demands with support from efficient and functional ERP software, your business makes significant gains in marketability and competition.


Your spending is too high

What good are your operations if the business has to spend more than it makes? If you discover that your company’s profits are dwindling, the culprit may be the older ERP system. Outdated ERP software is costly to maintain, and it is not equipped to meet modern challenges your company faces. Piecing together solutions or ignoring them altogether costs more in the long run than replacing the system does today.


Your vendor doesn’t support the system

It is common for companies to go through multiple acquisitions, and ERP solutions are no exception. What this means for your company is that frequent changes in ERP ownership has reduced the likelihood that the vendor supports the ERP system you initially signed on for.


You have more data than your company knows what to do with

Data is not a bad thing. In fact, it is one of your company’s greatest resources, but if your current ERP system does not allow you to access it, organize it, analyze it, or translate the data into useful information to improve your customer relations or daily operations, it is time to ditch the system. Upgraded ERP solutions permit your company to collect critical data, archive data, and make policy and operation changes with only necessary data.


Communication is suffering

Your company relies on effective communication to meet consumer and partner demands, to hit deadlines, and to run smoothly. The company’s ERP software is at the heart of the lines of communication. It should connect departments, consumers, merchandise, and decision-makers. An upgraded ERP system streamlines productivity and communication. Instead of departments relying on off-line activities to complete their jobs, upgraded ERP systems promote scalability, real-time data, and effective tools for communicating about in ins and outs of every day and each process.


You are stuck in the past

Your ERP system should allow you to upgrade with efficient and productive industry trends. Your existing, outdated ERP system forces you to remain in the past with ineffective technologies and methods. Your company should have the ability to upgrade barcode technology, tracking, management software, and more.


These suggestions are just the tip of the ERP iceberg. Essentially, it all boils down to this: if you are losing customers, productivity, efficiency, and profits, it is time to reconsider your approach. The experts at NSA can help you determine why your ERP solution just isn’t working for your company anymore, and they can make recommendations to assist your company in upgrading to a new ERP software solution.


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