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Why Your Business Can’t Afford to be Without a Data Recovery Specialist

What if you showed up for work and discovered your computers and server –the technology you depend on every day to run your business – no longer worked? You hit the switch and nothing… your computers and server are all dead on arrival.

How can you operate your business if your technology fails? Now you suddenly have the new challenge of getting your business up and running again because you can’t afford extended downtime. Think of how much money you lose with every hour you can’t operate your business… and how difficult it is to keep customers happy when you can’t fulfill your services.

Data loss is a common problem many businesses face. You probably think about data loss and computer programs in terms of major natural disasters, like hurricanes, floods, or tornados, but your risks are actually even greater than these rare events. Data loss and equipment failure can also be caused by viruses (like CryptoLocker) or simply human error. You need a data recovery specialist from NSA to ensure business continuity and protection.

Protection Received from a Data Recovery Specialist

Every business has unique situations and needs, but the majority of businesses rely on PCs or Macs to run applications like MS Office, SQL, and other software. You create files using your programs and then save them along with all of your business data to servers. The information you save are vital to the operation of your business and needs to be protected and readily available.

Here’s a list of common things your business needs to protect:

Software and Applications – without these, you will be unable to operate your business. Microsoft Office, Exchange, databases, x-ray machines, point of sale equipment, inventory management systems, etc.

Files and Folders – the documents and records you use to keep track of your businesses’ daily operations. These specific files will vary depending on what line of business you’re in, but might include patient records if you’re a medical practice, or case files if you’re a lawyer. Invoices and customer data if you sell anything to customers.

Software in the Cloud – if you use anything like Google apps or Office365, or any other program that lives in the “cloud”, you need to protect and back it up. You probably think it’s safe since it’s stored in the cloud, but if an employee accidentally deletes a record from your customer relationship management software, or changes a Google document incorrectly – good luck getting it back unless you have a backup and restore solution in place.

Having a data backup solution is only half the battle. What you need is an image-based backup that will take a complete snapshot of your files, folders, applications, and the configuration and settings of each application so you can restore it in the event of an emergency or equipment failure. If you’re not operating your business –you’re losing money. What business can afford to lose money?

A data recovery specialist from NSA can ensure all of your vital business information is not only backed up, but available for recovery should you experience a problem. Contact our team today to learn more about how this solution can work for your unique business.

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