MCI and NSA Join Forces

Our number one priority is to provide you better and expanded services

The Pathway to the Future just got a LOT brighter!

MCI is excited to announce our acquisition by NSA Professional Services.

The wealth of skills in IT infrastructure as well as ERP applications (Infor and IntegraSoft) that you’ve come to expect from MCI, will now bring those skills to the NSA platform to provide a tremendous “value add” to our combined customer base.

What does NSA bring for the MCI customers?

Combined, we now have resources to provide things such as Business Operation Reviews, best practice consulting, enhanced support, Managed Services, system and network security, Office 365, and additional technologies as they evolve.

Expanded Service Offerings

Updated Cloud Phone System

We are in the process of updating our 20+ year old phone system to a cloud-based service that better suits a mobile workforce. Since we are now 30+ employees – the local ones in Green Bay – but others in New York, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, and Illinois, we needed a better way to handle communication. The timing of the upgrade is great with COVID-19 as it allows employees to work from home yet be connected.

Office 365 Migration

We are merging our Office 365 systems with NSA. We both use O365 and it makes sense to use one tenant vs multiple ones. Our email addresses will continue to work as well as We will also be integrating Microsoft Teams and SharePoint better into our organization and hope to have integration with the cloud phone service as well. You may see emails coming from either domain.

Updated Support Software

We will be centralizing our support system as well in the near future. We currently run a system called PSTrack. It was developed in the mid 2000’s and is showing its age. NSA uses ConnectWise which is a much more advanced than PSTrack – and can integrate with O365 our phone system and our billing system! It will also allow us to better track call activity and resolution – meaning ideally better customer service to you!!

History of NSA

Similar to MCI’s robust history, NSA has operated with seasoned employees and a family culture in the same industry since 1984. We are now a group of over 30 technical people that are here to help your company, and although you’ll likely be introduced to new faces over time, rest assured, the people you are used to working with are all still the same. We look at this as a vast Win-Win for both sets of customers and realize that changes can feel daunting, but we want to reassure you that we will continue to keep you, the customer, the foremost thing on our mind.

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