NSA Computer Exchange Corp. & Carolina Wholesale Group Continue 10 Year Partnership with Infor Distribution SX.e Upgrade

By April 25, 2013 February 21st, 2020 Blog


NEW YORK –  Apr 23, 2013

An NSA Computer Exchange Corp.  customer since 2003, Carolina Wholesale Group, the national distributor of office machines and supplies elected to update their technology to better manage an evolving business model and help eliminate disparate systems using ION,  Infor’s innovative purpose-built middleware solution.

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that Carolina Wholesale Group will upgrade to the latest version of Infor Distribution SX.e and implement Infor ION to integrate the application with its third-party solutions. NSA Computer Exchange Corp., an Infor channel partner, will continue to work directly with Carolina Wholesale Group.

“While our current version has always been effective for managing the business, we have evolved and now need more advanced technology that can help us make smarter decisions,” said Robert Collins, Vice President and CFO, Carolina Wholesale Group. “The latest version of Infor Distribution SX.e will automatically determine which of our warehouses orders will ship from based on current inventory levels and customer location. This will help enable better decisions for order processing without requiring more time from our staff.”

“Continuing to work with our Infor channel partner, NSA Computer Exchange Corp., was another large factor in our decision to upgrade because they have been a great business partner to Carolina Wholesale over the past ten years. They are extremely responsive to our needs and possess in-depth knowledge about their Infor product offerings,” said Collins.

About Carolina Wholesale Group

Carolina Wholesale Group is one of the largest office machine and supply distributors in the country.  With five distribution centers carrying more than 10,000 active items from over 100 manufacturers, the company serves the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.  For more information, visit www.cwholesale.com.

About NSA Computer Exchange Corp.

Founded in 1984, NSA provides Infor Distribution solutions and a wide range of project management and consulting services to small to mid-sized distributors.  With in-depth knowledge in all areas of the distribution business, from inventory and warehouse management to accounting and business intelligence, the NSA team works side-by-side with customers to manage all aspects of the implementation project.

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